5 Easy Steps to Become a Globally Certified Yoga Teacher

5 Easy Steps to Become a Certified Yoga Teacher

Globally Certified Yoga Teacher- Don’t you think with yoga becoming so easily accessible, it is becoming complex to become a Globally certified yoga teacher? With an estimated increase of yoga practitioners to over 36 million from 20 million, yoga is slowly becoming a different world in itself.

Whether you are a person aspiring to be a yoga professional or want to enrich your yoga knowledge, enrolling in a certified yoga teacher program is a step-up to your current yoga practice. The following are a few crucial but easy steps that you can take to become a yoga instructor. Read on.

Steps To Become a Globally Certified Yoga Teacher

Globally Certified Yoga Teacher


1. Choosing a Partner

When it comes to having a long-term commitment to yoga, having a genuine partner by your side works like a wonder for you. The Yoga Alliance, USA is a non-profitable organization that looks over the standards of yoga.

You have to choose a yoga school registered under the Yoga Alliance to get all the benefits, perks, and privileges, so that, you have a smooth journey of becoming a Globally certified yoga teacher.

2. Setting Foundation

There are many yoga teacher training courses available. However, it is necessary to learn the basics of yoga to make a solid foundation for your yogic journey.

When you step-up to initiate your yoga journey, the basic yoga course you can enroll in is 200-hour YTT. However, depending on your potential and level of yoga practice, there are RYT 300 and RYT 500 for you to enroll in.

3. Building Hours

How do you think you can become a yoga master? Be Consistent! Not just the time you spend on the mat, rather your off-mat time plays a vital role in how good or faster you can master your mind and body.

Therefore, to become a Globally Certified Yoga Teacher, you have to invest hours and hours into practicing yoga. However, you have the liberty to mold your yoga practice according to the goal in your mind.

4. Establishing Personal Practice

Establishing Yoga Personal Practice

You can’t just practice yoga in a class. That will highly limit your yoga practice to a couple of hours. What you do in your free time to deepen your yogic journey is what matters the most.

You need to establish a routine, time, and space for your yoga practice. Once you make yoga your second nature, you can witness becoming the master of your life. Hence, when you drive towards becoming a Globally Certified Yoga Teacher, make your yoga sessions intense, so that, your body adapts to it.

5. Finding a Mentor

Becoming a professionally certified yoga teacher is not possible until you complete your yoga certification course under the prescribed guidelines. The most important and last step is to find a yoga instructor to begin your yoga journey.

However, the chosen yoga instructor should be experienced, knowledgeable, and registered with the Yoga Alliance. Furthermore, be sure that your yoga instructor shares the same goal as yours, so that, you remain on the path of your destination.

6. Self-Teaching

There is no end to self-learning. Even the venerable yoga master never misses the opportunity to learn anything from anyone. Therefore, even before enrolling in a yoga certification course, make it your habit to seek knowledge about yoga, and to engulf in self-teaching.

Self-Teaching Yoga

You might face a little difficulty, there might be doubts, confusion, or anything else. But remember, it is the hard times that shine you. Thus, never stop learning, or never hesitate to ask for help when needed.

Being a teacher is a responsible job. Joining a certification course teaches you what it takes to be a good student as well as a great teacher. Hence, being loyal to yourself is key to becoming a Globally certified yoga teacher.

You learn to accommodate diverse yoga practitioners under a single scope of yoga practice. Reaching out to the populations of yoga aspirants and sharing your hard-earned yoga knowledge and experience becomes your responsibility. When you learn to feel compassion and empathy for your fellow yoga practitioners, you raise higher towards being a great yoga teacher.

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Q1) How to become a Globally certified yoga teacher?

Ans: To become a Globally certified yoga teacher, all you need to do is get yourself enrolled in a well-reputed yoga school that is registered with the Yoga Alliance.

Q2) Which is the best school to become a Globally certified yoga teacher?

Ans: Svadhyaya Kosha is the best spiritual center and yoga retreat in Rishikesh that provides yoga teacher training to help you become a Globally certified yoga teacher.

Q3) Is the RYT yoga teacher training worth doing?

Ans) Of course, the RYT yoga teacher training provides you the complete knowledge about yoga right from its philosophy and methodology to how to start your own yoga studio.

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