5 Reasons To Do Yoga Certification Training From India

Yoga Certification

Yoga Certification Training- Whether you want to take up yoga to rejuvenate at the end of the day or help others realize their actual potential a yoga certification training helps a lot. The yoga certification carries a huge potential when it comes to helping you bring some impressive positive changes to your lifestyle.

Yoga certification offers you an opportunity to gain a different perspective of the world around you. It is a chance for you to develop self-control, love, and compassion for every living being in the world. Moreover, the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of earning the certification are something you do not get with any other type of exercise regimen.

Moreover, yoga has a special place in India. It has been a part of the Indian culture for many years owing to the countless benefits it has for your mental, physical, and spiritual health. Read further to know why earning a yoga certification from India is worth it.

Yoga Certification Training – In Brief

The best part of yoga certification training is not the asanas. It is the start of your journey towards spiritual oneness with the higher dimensions of life. Rather than being just an external practice, the training focuses on helping you fight issues impacting your mind and soul. In other words, the certification is more about personal development and growth than yoga asanas.

Yoga Certification Training in India

Right from helping you recover from an injury to developing flexibility, there is a lot of yoga certification does. Add to that, the numerous employment opportunities it opens up.

You might find the best yoga training courses at a yoga studio in your city. However, nothing can beat the in-depth knowledge you would get by enrolling in this training in India.

Why India?

Yoga is a part of Indian culture for the last 5000 years. Millions of spiritual seekers and yogis have made this country their new home by adopting a yogic lifestyle. There is no doubt that learning yoga here gives you an edge above the other yoga practitioners.

Given below are five benefits of completing your yoga certification training from India.

1. Chance To Know The Original Yoga

There is no doubt the ancient art of yoga does have some impressive mystical properties. These properties assist you in healing from numerous physical and mental health issues. Yoga has been a part of the Indian culture for more than five centuries owing to these benefits.

Chance To Know The Original Yoga

Enrolling in yoga certification offers you the opportunity to learn this sacred art right from its source. India is the place where the original form of yoga has survived for years. Without a doubt, you would be learning from the masters who have generations of knowledge of this sacred art.

2. Explore A Unique Culture

Explore A Unique Culture by Yoga in india

Earning the yoga certification training from a yoga school in India is an accomplishment in itself. Moreover, India offers you much more to know about including yoga. You also have the chance to experience a different culture, visit the numerous sites, and relax on the serene beaches. Visiting this holy land is an experience in itself like no other.

3. Numerous Yoga SchoolsNumerous Yoga Schools in India


Yoga has been an inseparable part of Indian history for decades. It goes without a doubt you would come across numerous yoga schools spread through the thick and thin of India. Yoga experts recommend you visit Rishikesh where you will find numerous yoga schools to kickstart this journey towards unlocking your true potential.

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4. Learn Spiritual Perspective Of Yoga

Learn Spiritual Perspective Of Yoga

As compared to their western counterparts, completing the yoga certification training in India gives you an opportunity to not just master its physical aspect. You have a golden opportunity to learn about its spiritual aspects. For example, you learn about how certain yoga asanas detoxify your body, mind, and soul or how Ayurveda helps bring enormous changes to your diet.

5. Affordable Learning

Affordable Learning of Yoga In India

In comparison to the yoga courses you come across in your city or town learning yoga in India comes with a relatively economical price. Who would deny enrolling for a yoga certification at a place when it can save them a considerable amount of money?


Yoga offers you a natural way to stay mentally and physically fit in the long run. However, it is essential you look for the best yoga certification training in India to learn the actual yoga. India has numerous yoga schools to help you learn yoga beyond its physical aspects.

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Q1) Is 200 hours enough to teach yoga?

Ans) Yes! You can start teaching yoga once you complete 200 hours yoga teacher training course. However, make sure you have the Yoga Alliance certification if you want to teach at a registered yoga school.

Q2) Can you get a degree in yoga?

Ans) Yes! There are many colleges and universities that provide three or four years’ degrees in yoga teachings. Moreover, the Yoga Alliance another perfect platform to get a certification in yoga. It is up to you whatever course you choose. However, the Yoga Alliance certification course is much more preferred across the globe.

Q3) Is it hard to become a yoga teacher?

Ans) To become a certified yoga teacher, you need to join a certification course, master a yoga style, know the human body inside out, and practice yoga for hours every day. Considering all these things, if you just want to pass time, it would be very difficult. However, if you are a serious practitioner, it would be easy for you.