500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training: An In-Depth Analysis

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training- There is no end to learning and practicing yoga. The more you engulf yourself in fondling the different elements of your being, the better you get connected with your mind and body. There is always some scope for improvement, and when it comes to practicing yoga, you can enhance your practice with 500 hour yoga teacher training.

Before moving forward and thinking about enrolling in a 500 hour yoga teacher training program, you must learn in-depth about it, so that, you can justify why enrolling in this course is beneficial for you. Keep reading.

What Is The 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training?

When you think about learning yoga, you have various yoga teacher training courses in which you can enroll according to your practice level. 500 hour yoga teacher training is the most advanced yoga course that you can enroll in.

Before you enroll in a 500 hour yoga teacher training, make sure that it is certified with the Yoga Alliance, USA. Moreover, the yoga school in Rishikesh you have chosen should be registered with the Yoga Alliance.

People who have already completed the 300-hour yoga teacher training are eligible to join the 500 hour yoga teacher training. However, it is not mandatory rather depend on one school to the other. In case you have been practicing yoga for some time, you can showcase your yoga potential to the school authorities to get their permission to enroll in the yoga school in Rishikesh.

When you join the 500 hour yoga teacher training, you get unparalleled instructions about yogic practices, yoga poses, and other techniques that provide you a better insight into your life.

What Is Yoga Alliance, USA?

Not just 500 hour yoga teacher training, any yoga course that you are looking forward to enrolling in should be registered with the yoga alliance. It is a US-based non-profit organization that looks over the maintenance of international standards of yoga.

When you get certified with the yoga alliance, you become eligible to teach yoga across the globe. Moreover, on the completion of your yoga course, you get access to the online directories of ancient yoga books, manuscripts, or scrolls. So, you get first-hand knowledge direct from a genuine source.

For those who are looking forward to opening their yoga academies or become a certified yoga teacher, the yoga alliance prepares a list of genuine clientele, so that, you can have a great start for your professional career.

Other Yoga Courses

The 500 hour yoga teacher training is the most advanced yoga course that includes complex yoga poses, meditation techniques, and much more than move you towards the hard end of the spectrum. Therefore, some might feel uncomfortable directly step into it.

However, there are other yoga courses available as well, to begin with. If you are a complete beginner, you can enroll in a 200-hour yoga teacher training. It helps you to start with learning about yoga philosophy, yoga poses, and a beginner’s guide to meditation.

It is followed by a 300-hour yoga teacher training program that teaches intermediate knowledge about yoga. Joining this course is like a step-up from RYT 200, so, that, you can feel comfortable with practicing difficult yoga poses. 500 hour yoga teacher training ensures you learn everything in detail to move you towards mastering your mind and body.

Why Join 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training In Rishikesh, India?

There has been much debate about the best place to practice yoga. You might also be wondering that amid many beautiful and serene locations across the globe, why Rishikesh, India?

For those who don’t know, Rishikesh is the birthplace of yoga. Yoga has been practiced and adopted as a way of lifestyle there for nearly thousands of years. Moreover, countless yogis and yoginis have transformed their lives with the yogic journey.

In case you are still doubtful, have a read of the following points that can compel you to join 500 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India.

Peaceful Environment

yoga in Rishikesh
What else you could need than practicing yoga on the banks of the river Ganges in the lap of the Himalayas. When you want to start your 500 hour yoga teacher training, you need a peaceful and calm surrounding. Keeping that in mind, Rishikesh serves as the best place to start your yoga practice.

True Yoga
Since yoga is a part and parcel of the life of the people in Rishikesh, India, you get to experience the most basic and genuine form of yoga. You might have witnessed in western yoga studios, yoga has become more of an exercise.

However, by enrolling in a 500 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, you come across great yoga masters who have dedicated their lives to practicing yoga. Thus, you can shower with yoga knowledge under their soulful guidance.

Spiritual Energy
Energy is what defines the way you observe and perceive things. There are many places in different locations that might seem perfect to practice yoga, but the vibes they emit do not resonate with the aim you have.

spiritual energy

With yoga practitioners from all across the globe been to Rishikesh, the place has overflown with spiritual energy. Many have attained the highest form of awareness, and thus, have enriched the place with positive energy. When you practice yoga in such a place, you automatically feel in tune with natural frequencies that soothe your senses.

Cultural Heritage
Though you enroll in a 500 hour yoga teacher training to learn and practice yoga, that does not mean that you should not or cannot have some rest now and then. To comply with this, it means that when you spend your off-mat time, you should be living amid people from unknown backgrounds.


India is a diverse country with a strong amalgamation of people from nearly all walks of life. When you converse with them and sharing of ideas that occur, you come to learn about new ways of thinking, living, and perceiving things. Therefore, it helps you adopt new living and thinking behaviors for similar sorts of problems.

Things To Check Before Enrolling In 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
Joining a 500 hour yoga teacher training is a big step towards stepping up your yogic journey. Therefore, you need to have a thorough knowledge of various things that you must keep in check before enrolling in any yoga course.

Peaceful Surrounding
Keeping everything aside, the surrounding environment of the selected yoga school in Rishikesh plays a vital role in how great your yoga practice will be. So, before you join 500 hour yoga teacher training, find a place devoid of noise, distractions, or other things that might hinder your progress.


Look out for a peaceful place, having a serene landscape, helping you get deeper within yourself. Moreover, natural frequencies help you calm down your senses and set your body cycles to the default.

Yoga Alliance Certification
There is no point in learning and practicing yoga to become a yoga teacher, that by the end of the day, you become ineligible to teach yoga in some other geographical location. Thus, yoga alliance certification makes you eligible as a certified yoga teacher in every corner of the world.

Moreover, when you enroll in a 500 hour yoga teacher training certified with the yoga alliance, you can rest assured to get the best-in-class yoga experience.

Registered Yoga School

When you look out to join a 500 hour yoga teacher training, select a yoga school in Rishikesh registered with the yoga alliance, USA. It provides you value for money that you have invested in to learn yoga. Practicing yoga in a registered school provides you yoga material even if the number of yoga practitioners exceeds.

yoga school

Therefore, for an easy yoga experience, the selection of a perfect yoga school according to your goal is necessary.

Certified Yoga Teachers

Your teacher is the one that shapes the way you observe and perceive things. So, when you want to join a 500 hour yoga teacher training, you must look out for the yoga alliance certified yoga instructor. Moreover, find someone with whom you resonate, or that pushes you without hurting you.

saint meditation

So, before enrolling in a yoga course, make sure that the person under whom you are going to practice yoga is the right one. Also, with the right person, you can become comfortable and open up more easily.

Diverse Yoga Forms

No two people train the same way even if they have the same goal. It is the approach or the way you choose to achieve your goal. Therefore, when you seek to enroll in a 500 hour yoga teacher training course, you must check various forms of yoga.

It provides you a brief glimpse of how to structure your approach to make it up to reach your goal. To begin with, start with a yoga form that directly falls in sync with your goal in mind. After you have mastered it, you can shift your focus or approach to the other forms.

Nature Excursions

Everyone needs some time off even if it comes to practicing yoga. So, when you join a 500 hour yoga teacher training, you need some time now and then, so that, you can freshen up. Also, your mind and body need rest from excessive or overtraining.


When you get to spend some time in the company of surrounding people who have different ideas, notions, and concepts of life, you get to learn more. It expands the knowledge that helps you have new perspectives in life.

Benefits Of 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Consistent yoga practice work wonders for you. Enrolling in a 500 hour instructor course moves you in the sphere of becoming a master of your body.

The below-given are a few of the many benefits that you can have with regular yoga practice. Read on.

Strong Body
Having a strong body means that you are fit, active, and can easily perform daily physical tasks with ease. Moreover, you have stronger limbs that ensure that you can perform heavy tasks without hurting yourself. When you join 500 hour YTT, you practice hard and complex yoga poses.

It helps by making your lagging muscles reach maximum growth. Moreover, with a little tweak, you can target different muscle groups while performing the same yoga pose. Overall, you become stronger with regular yoga practice.

Flexible Limbs
Have you ever noticed that regular gym goes might be one of the strongest folks around you, but surely lack flexibility. Whereas, practicing yoga regularly improves your flexibility along with strength. Joining a 500 hour yoga teacher training puts your body under stressful yoga asanas.


In some time, you have a better range of motion of various muscles. Also, it increases muscle endurance and overall stamina. In turn, you can work longer without having any injury.

Mastering The Mind
Practicing meditation helps you calm your mind by silencing your mental chatter. There are thousands of meditation techniques from which you can explore the one that perfectly suits you. A 500 hour YTT course helps you get deep within you, so that, you can link better with your spiritual self.

relaxed mind

Moreover, practicing meditation removes any negative emotions that you have been sheltering inside of you. It provides you a gateway to the inside world, a state of pure bliss and creativity. Over time, you learn to control your thoughts.

Purify With Pranayama
In yoga philosophy, your breath is related to the spirit or soul. So, it goes beyond mere inhale and exhales that go on involuntarily. When you join a 500 hour yoga teacher training course, you practice deep breathing techniques that help you cool down your mind.

Your muscles need oxygen to burn fuel stored in them. When you inhale deeply, you fill the energy cycles of your body, making you more efficient at whatever you are doing.

Connection With The Inner Being

A whole different world lives inside of your head which can be accessed with deep concentration. Moreover, energy flows in your body, and it is the free flow of this energy that decides how you react or respond to a particular situation.

connection with inner being

Performing various yogic practices help you to mend your energy cycles, which automatically enhances your mood. Further, you learn to tap into the unconscious that gives you access to boundless creativity and energy.

To-Do List After Completion Of 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

You shouldn’t just let go once you have completed the 500 hour yoga teacher training course. Moreover, you need to be more careful, so that, you can incorporate everything in your life that you have learned in your yoga course.

Regular Practice
Once you have completed your yoga course, what you should be conscious of is to practice yoga regularly. You might be busy sometimes, making it very difficult to take out time to continue your practice.

The aim is to never go out of form once you have completed your 500 hour YTT. Moreover, if you have lesser time at hand, try to increase the intensity by practicing complex yoga poses.

Simpler Living
While you enroll in 500 hour yoga teacher training, you experience a yogic lifestyle. It includes vegetarian food along with a simple way of living. Living like a yogi helps you to remove extra activities from your life, you get time to focus on your life more than the things that put stress on your being.

When you learn something, your mind is capable of retaining it for a limited time. It is when you revise what you have learned in 500 hour YTT, you refresh your memory. Therefore, to keep your learned skills alive, you need to practice and try to implement them in your life.

Share The Knowledge
It has been said that when you share your learned skills, not just you relive and refresh your memory but also learn new things related to what you have learned. Therefore, be grateful to share what you have been through in a 500 hour YTT. Who knows, you might end up learning or improving the knowledge you have.

Cost Of 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

The cost of enrolling in a 500 hour yoga teacher training varies from one yoga school to the other. For instance, SvadhyayaKosha is the best spiritual center for yoga teacher training and yoga retreat journey in Rishikesh, India. The cost of the yoga course in it is as follows:

The average batch size of the class is around 10 to 15 students, practicing yoga for 60 days. You can avail a room on sharing basis for $3000, whereas, a private room is available for $3500. Food cost and accommodation charges are also included in the above-mentioned charges.

Whatever extra you want to have while you stay at the yoga school, you need to pay extra accordingly.

Wrap Up

Whether it is yoga or something else, practicing consistently moves you towards mastering the trade you have taken. 500 hour YTT enables you to reach the peak of your yoga training. You work on different dimensions of your being when practicing yoga regularly, making you a complete being.

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Q 1) How do you become a certified Yogi?

Ans) To become a certified yogi, you need to enroll in a registered yoga school. Further, you have to join a certified yoga teacher training program. Once you join the course, make sure you complete the course and apply on the Yoga Alliance website to register in the online directory.

Q 2) Is online yoga teacher training worth it?

Ans) Very little! Your yoga practice will suffer a lot because you will not be physically present. Thus, no one is going to correct your form which might hurt you in the long run. Further, online YTT does not offer the spiritual aura that you experience when you join a yoga school and be physically present there.

Q3) What should I eat during yoga teacher training?

Ans) All you need to do is to avoid food that makes you feel bloated or heavy. You must take fruits and juices to hydrate yourself. Furthermore, you can increase your protein intake to build muscle and enhance the process of fat loss.