Beginner’s Guide to 3 Person Yoga Poses

3 Person Yoga Poses

The ancient art of yoga has evolved into numerous styles over the past few years. There is Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Kundalini yoga among others. However, another major change that has occurred in the yoga culture is now you can practice this sacred art with two more people. In other words, there are 3 Person Yoga Poses that you can learn and practice.

Yoga experts have come up with a small guide to help you with everything about the 3 person yoga practice.

Guide to Group Yoga Poses

The 3 Person Yoga Poses also known as Trio yoga gives you a way to connect with your partner, yoga friends, or kids. The nearest form of yoga that matches this description is none other than Acro yoga.

Acro yoga has grown in popularity owing to its numerous benefits. Typically, one or more yoga practitioners are levitated above the ground by the base yogi’s feet or hands. To perform one acro asana, it is crucial to develop proper balance and communication between the two yoga practitioners.

Although, the majority of acro yoga poses require 2 yoga practitioners. There are some fun 3 Person Yoga Poses you can practice. However, it is super-important that you understand the three different positions in this yoga style.

Key Positions in Acro Yoga

The 3 important positions in acro yoga include:

1. Base

The person who lies flat on their back and supports the 3 Person Yoga Poses from the bottom. The base provides all the strength and stability to those above. To be at the base, you have to be confident in your bodily strength and abilities.

2. Flyer

It is the yogi who is above the base yogi. As the name suggests, these yogis are sometimes in a position that makes it look as if they are flying for real. The flyer yogi has to have excellent coordination, balance, and control over their body to make it easier for the base yogi. Remember, there can be two flyers and one base yogi in acro yoga.

3. Spotter

Similar to weightlifting, the spotter is the person responsible for the safety of both the flyer and base yogi. Even as a spotter, you can be part of the 3 Person Yoga Poses session.

There are some major health benefits of the 3 person yoga pose.

Benefits of Group Yoga Poses

As a yogi, you might wonder – why should I practice acro yoga with three people? There are some pretty impressive health benefits to a 3 Person Yoga Poses session.

1. Communication

In comparison to practicing yoga alone, 3 person yoga requires having clear communication between three individuals. Clear communication is the key to executing any yoga asana with precision, especially where more than 2 yogis are involved. In the long run, this also helps form a solid trust between the yoga partners.

2. Bonding

Whether you practice the three-person yoga with a partner, friend, or family member, it offers a great bonding experience. Moreover, numerous yogis report a positive feeling after practicing these 3 Person Yoga Poses with strangers.

Moreover, even if you are a parent, it offers you a great bonding experience with your child. It also gives your child’s confidence a major boost.

3. Develops Strength

Doing yoga poses that require 3 individuals requires each to possess a lot of strength in comparison to traditional yoga. You have to support far more than your body weight and this helps you build extra muscle power and body balance.

For you to reap these benefits, you should know the best 3 Person Yoga Poses. Yoga experts have come up with 3 yoga asanas which you can do.

Best 3 Person Yoga Poses

Given below are two powerful yoga asanas which you can practice.

1. Plank Trio

Despite its simplicity, a plank is the most challenging yoga asanas for beginners. The Plank pose helps develop strength around your shoulders, arms, spine, and improves blood flow.

Yoga experts recommend the strongest person should be the founding block of these 3 Person Yoga Poses. The second partner or the flyer should keep their feet flat on the shoulders and stabilize themselves by wrapping their fingers around the base yogi’s ankles.

Lastly, the support or the top yogi has to be on the top and repeat the second partner’s movement in the opposite direction.

2. Downward Dog Trio

The Downward Dog pose engages your corporal muscles while improving the body posture, blood circulation, and engaging small muscles which are ignored during the practice.

Two partners have to start this yoga asana in the Cow Pose with their head close to each other. Later, they have to lift into the Downward dog pose and form a W shape. The more flexible partner should stand in mid and above both heads.

By keeping the hands on the bottom of one partner and shins on the bottom of the other partner, the third yogi has to get into the Cow Pose. They have to be stacked on top of the other two yogis.

Moving into the downward dog position, you will be able to form the trio Downward Dog pose.


The 3 Person Yoga Poses require an immense level of support and communication. Enroll in a certified yoga school to learn and practice acro yoga under the guidance of skilled yoga teachers.