Beginner’s Guide to Providence Power Yoga

Providence Power Yoga

Designed keeping in mind gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts, Providence Power Yoga came into being to help Western yoga practitioners achieve different results with yoga. This yoga style was inspired by the Ashtanga yoga style which is a fast-paced and intense style of yoga.

In comparison to other yoga styles, this one is more fitness-based and helps generate internal heat, increases stamina, and minimizes stress. However, there is a lot more you should know before choosing this yoga style.

Let us understand more about this yoga style.

What is Providence Power Yoga?

The Providence Power Yoga consists of fast-moving sequences of body postures that are designed to improve your strength, stamina, and overall body flexibility. However, what keeps this yoga style interesting is that every session has a different set of body postures.

Generally, this yoga style includes Sun Salutations during the start of the class to generate heat in your body. At the same time, the yoga teacher focuses on postures that develop strength and get the heart rate up. It is what makes Power yoga a great cardio workout.

However, you should keep in mind that this is not a new yoga style. It has an interesting story behind its origin.

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Power Yoga – The Origins

Founded by Beryl Bender Birch during the mid-1990s, Power Yoga was the result of her Ashtanga yoga practice. Birch wanted to take the traditional and dynamic practice of Ashtanga yoga and make it accessible to Western yoga practitioners.

She named her yoga style Providence Power yoga to differentiate between her intense and fast-paced yoga style and the meditation-based classes which everyone knew about. With time, other styles of Power Yoga like Rocket Yoga and Baptiste Power yoga came into being.

Want to learn and practice this fast-paced yoga style? Yoga experts have come up with a few simple tips.

Providence Power Yoga Tips for Beginners

Be it Hatha, Vinyasa, or Power Yoga, it is best to start the practice slowly especially if you are a beginner. What is important is that you practice this yoga style with consistency and slowly increase the level of difficulty.

To help you on this journey, yoga experts have come up with a few simple tips.

  • Set aside a specific time for practise every week.
  • Yoga experts recommend that you practice this yoga style during the early morning or at dusk.
  • Do not practice Providence Power Yoga after a meal. Make sure to maintain a gap of at least 2 to 3 hours.
  • Do not practice yoga in an air-conditioned room. Always choose a place with natural light and air.
  • After practice, you should consume a light snack like fruits or yogurt.
  • Always practice Providence Power Yoga on a mat with sufficient padding and a non-slip surface.
  • Avoid consuming liquids during the session. Yoga experts recommend that you drink water before or after the session.

Following the tips mentioned above would help you reap the benefits of this yoga style.

Benefits of Providence Power Yoga

Given below are 4 major benefits of this yoga style:

1. Improved Strength & Endurance

Stronger muscles not only look good but also help you perform daily activities without hassle. Daily practice of Providence Power Yoga improves your strength and endurance which reduces the risk of injury during exercise. In the long run, it improves your cardiac function.

2. Improves Pulmonary Functioning

An improved lung function has a deep impact on your body’s overall functioning. With more oxygen supply, your body generates more energy. This keeps your immune system ready to tackle any health issue without any issue.

Moreover, including Sun Salutations in this yoga style improves your pulmonary function and other cardiovascular parameters.

3. Elevates Mood

An improved mood and calm state of mind are two major benefits of the Providence Power Yoga style. The focus on breathing during this yoga style helps you practice moving meditation and calm down the ever-pacing mind.

4. Low Impact Workout

Although this is a physically demanding yoga style, it is a low-impact workout. Put simply, you develop a toned physique without putting too much stress on your joints.

To reap these benefits, you must practice the right Providence Power Yoga asanas.

Top Providence Power Yoga Asanas

Given below are 4 yoga asanas that you should practice when doing Providence Power Yoga style.

1. Downward Dog Pose

Known as Adho Mukha Svanasana, this is the perfect yoga asana to develop internal focus.

2. Sun Salutations

Known as Surya Namaskar, this is the perfect way to kickstart this Yoga session. Yoga experts recommend that you do at least 3 to 5 Surya Namaskars followed by Standing Balancing yoga postures.

3. Eagle Pose

Eagle Pose, known as Garudasana in Sanskrit is named after the King of birds, Garuda. You practice this yoga pose with a straight spine. Daily practice increases elasticity in your thighs, hips, calf muscles, and ankles.

4. Half Moon Pose

If you suffer from anxiety, backache, or indigestion, do this Providence Power Yoga asana. Yoga experts recommend that you use a yoga prop to achieve the intended position.


Do you want to practice a yoga style that also offers a good cardio workout? Learn Providence Power Yoga under the guidance of experienced teachers at a certified yoga school.