Know-How About Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

Who says there are only fast-paced yoga forms? Slow and gentle yoga forms are also there to serve diverse practitioners. One of those is Restorative yoga. However, numerous are not aware of this form of yoga. That is why are here to assist you and make you aware of Restorative yoga teacher training. Before that, let’s first make you familiar with Restorative yoga, who can join it, and how practicing Restorative yoga helps you. Without wasting a single second, let’s […]

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Anantasana – Perfect Yoga Pose to Balance and Relax Yourself

The ancient art of yoga has many techniques and methods to help you relax. Whether you have a headache or migraine there is a yoga asana to handle both. There are different yoga styles like Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Kundalini among others. But, out of all the yoga asanas, it is Anantasana that stands out. Want to know why is it so? Yoga experts have come up with the complete information to help you with that. Anantasana – A Brief […]

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A Complete Yoga Kit For Perfect Practice

Are you just starting a yoga practice? Don’t know what do you need to pack for the first yoga session? If you are completely unaware, we got your back. Our team did a lot of research to find out things to be included in a yoga kit. So, if you wish to upgrade yourself, make sure you read the article till the end. All these things are extremely crucial for a perfect yoga practice. You might practice yoga without them. […]

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Pyramid Pose

Yoga Novice’s Guide to Pyramid Pose

Yoga has a variety of body movements and postures. Each of these offer your body a specific health benefit. There is Tree pose, Warrior pose, the popular Mountain pose, and Triangle pose. Yet, there is one yoga asana that stands out from the rest – The Pyramid pose. Want to learn this yoga asana? Yoga experts have come up with a guide to help you learn everything about this yoga pose. Yoga Beginner’s Guide to Pyramid Pose Let us focus […]

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Bird of Paradise Yoga

Bird of Paradise Yoga: How to Practice & its Benefits

The art of yoga emphasizes flexibility, strength, and body balance. All these are elements of the physical dimension. That is where the practice of complex yoga poses comes into action. Bird of Paradise yoga pose is one of the advanced asanas. Hence, we present before you a brief guide to practising the Bird of Paradise yoga pose. Also, you will go through the benefits of this yoga asana. So, make sure you get through the article to improve your knowledge. […]

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Lizard Pose Yoga

Complete Guide to Lizard Pose Yoga

The Lizard pose yoga (Uttana Pristhasana) has a lot to offer as a yoga asana. This yoga asana gives your hip flexors, quadriceps, and hamstrings a gentle stretch. Doing this yoga pose is a bit hard yet it is the benefits that make yoga lovers practice it. In simple terms, to do a Lizard yoga pose, you get down into the Downward-facing Dog pose. Then you step a foot forward outside the corresponding hand and press both forearms to the […]

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Yoga Wheel Exercises

Yoga Wheel Exercises for Flexibility and Strength

The gentle art of yoga is for everyone despite age and experience level. There are many variations and modifications you can include to practice yoga with ease. But, there are also some major yoga wheel exercises that improve your stretching ability and strength. That said, let us check out the 4 yoga asanas you can practice. Best Yoga Wheel Exercises 1. Wheel-Assisted Lunge Pose The Lunge pose, also known as Ashwa Sanchalanasana is the best yoga posture to do with […]

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Yoga Namaskar

How Yoga Namaskar Brings Balance to Your Life

Harmony and balance are the two most important aspects of a perfect life. But how to achieve them? In the middle of so much physical and mental chaos, how can you sustain harmony in life? Leaving everything is not the choice. So, the easiest way is to have all that is to practice Yoga Namaskar. Don’t know anything about it? Worry not! We are here to assist you to understand what Yoga Namaskar is. Also, you are going to learn […]

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Providence Power Yoga

Beginner’s Guide to Providence Power Yoga

Designed keeping in mind gym-goers and fitness enthusiasts, Providence Power Yoga came into being to help Western yoga practitioners achieve different results with yoga. This yoga style was inspired by the Ashtanga yoga style which is a fast-paced and intense style of yoga. In comparison to other yoga styles, this one is more fitness-based and helps generate internal heat, increases stamina, and minimizes stress. However, there is a lot more you should know before choosing this yoga style. Let us […]

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3 Person Yoga Poses

Beginner’s Guide to 3 Person Yoga Poses

The ancient art of yoga has evolved into numerous styles over the past few years. There is Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, and Kundalini yoga among others. However, another major change that has occurred in the yoga culture is now you can practice this sacred art with two more people. In other words, there are 3 Person Yoga Poses that you can learn and practice. Yoga experts have come up with a small guide to help you with everything about the 3 […]

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