Yoga Mudra

Yoga Mudra – The Key To Unlocking Your Hidden Potential

When it comes to yoga, the most common image that comes to mind is an individual sitting in the classic lotus position with their thumb and forefinger touching each other. However, did you ever stop to think that there might be more to this simple hand gesture? These hand gestures, known as yoga mudra help you dive deep into yoga and meditation by improving the flow of energy in your overall body. Do you know your body is comprised of […]

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Yoga for Sexual Health

Top 5 Poses of Yoga For Sexual Health

Do you want a better sex life? If yes, you must practice yoga for sexual health. It works on your mind and body that enhances your performance in bed. Thus, practicing yoga for sexual health increase the flow of blood in your pelvic and groin area. Hence, make sure you include these poses of yoga for sexual health into your life to eradicate sexual issues. Further, practicing these yoga poses will strengthen your body that ensures you do not face […]

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Yoga For Lung Cleansing

Top 5 Asanas of Yoga For Lung Cleansing

Scan your body mindfully for a second. Do you find anybody’s part unimportant? However, did it occurred to you that your breath is the most important thing that comes even before your body. That is why it is very important to have perfectly working lungs. In case you want to pump more oxygen into your system, just practice yoga for lung cleansing. Don’t know where to start? Relax! Here are the top 5 poses of yoga for lung cleansing that […]

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Why Join A Registered Yoga School

Why Join A Registered Yoga School?

In this world of quick thrills and push-button pleasures, we are all accustomed to looking outside for happiness and contentment. What if you were told that real happiness comes from within you and not the outside? You would be surprised and the next question you would ask is a big HOW. Yoga can help you dive deeper into your true self and bring about a unity of mind, body, and spirit. you should join a yoga school to experience the […]

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yoga for menstrual cramps

Best Poses of Yoga For Menstrual Cramps

Where on the one hand menstruation is necessary for a woman, menstruation cramps can be a very painful experience. When a woman has her menstrual cycle, there is the contraction of the uterus. Further, the shedding of the endometrium in the uterus is a major cause of cramps. Hence, there is inconsistent pain in the inner thighs and lower back. How to cope up with that without any medication? The best way is to practice yoga for menstrual cramps. There […]

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Empower Yourself With Yoga For Youth

Empower Yourself With Yoga For Youth

The youth has been under tremendous pressure every second of the day. Be it that of studies or getting settled, the youth is always having it hard in their lives. Living with so much stress always bothering the mind, the physical body is also affected. Therefore, it leads to poor digestion, bad posture, lack of strength in mind & body, and much more. Is there any solution? Yes! The practice of yoga for youth is perfect to tackle the situation. […]

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Yoga Certification

5 Reasons To Do Yoga Certification Training From India

Yoga Certification Training- Whether you want to take up yoga to rejuvenate at the end of the day or help others realize their actual potential a yoga certification training helps a lot. The yoga certification carries a huge potential when it comes to helping you bring some impressive positive changes to your lifestyle. Yoga certification offers you an opportunity to gain a different perspective of the world around you. It is a chance for you to develop self-control, love, and […]

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200 hour yoga training

5 Questions To Ask Before Starting A 200 Hour Yoga Training

After years of practicing yoga as a beginner, you have now decided to take the leap and become a certified yoga instructor. Congratulations! You are signing up not just for yoga classes but for the experience of a lifetime. Enrolling in the 200 hour Yoga training gives you a chance to learn this ancient art beyond its physical aspect. The daily yoga sessions introduce you to the mental and physical aspects of yoga. Whether you want to move ahead in personal […]

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Yoga For Cervical

What Exercises Can You Do in Yoga For Cervical?

Are you suffering from cervical pain? The reasons could be many. Sitting for too long with the neck bending forward or having a poor posture can also result in neck pain. Over time, it could become chronic pain also known as cervical. If you want to have relief without using any medication, practicing yoga for cervical has to be in your routine. Practicing yoga relieves neck pain and improves its functionality. Thus, it removes any tension ingrained in the muscles. […]

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Best Remedies To Fix Acid Reflux

Which Exercises to Do While Practicing Yoga For Sciatica?

Over 5% population in the US is suffering from sciatica nerve pain. Sciatica is a nerve that emerges from your lower back and extends down to your foot. There are two sciatica nerves, one in every leg. The causes for sciatica nerve pain could be many. What you need is to do is practice yoga for sciatica. Why yoga? Because practicing yoga loosens up the tight muscles that could be pinching your sciatica nerve. Sciatica nerve pain can either be […]

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