Can a Yoga Beginner be Trained to be a Certified Yoga Instructor?

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Certified Yoga Instructor- You might have a desire in mind to be a Certified yoga instructor. However, you find yourself incapable of how or where to start your journey. Well, for that you need to join a yoga Instructor certification course, where you will be taught everything you need to learn.

Basic Things you should have to be a Certified yoga instructor

Basic Things you should have to be a Certified yoga instructor


Having experience of practicing yoga could be a plus point for you but not mandatory at all. Even if you have never practiced yoga before, then also you can be a yoga trainer. Join a yoga teacher training center to have a brief about yoga, its various poses, meditation techniques, and much more. Not only you will have an experience of how to teach but also will know how a newbie feels when they learn yoga for the very first time.

Yoga Instructor Certification

Yoga Instructor Certification

A common mistake that beginners make is that they enroll in a non-certified yoga center. Though they gain knowledge no doubt, they are not eligible to teach others without having a yoga Instructor certification. So you need to check that the yoga center you opted for is having certification with the yoga alliance.

Selection of Yoga Type

With the availability of various types of yoga, you need to find a yoga style according to your suitability. It depends on the personal preference of every individual. You can choose from Vinyasa Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Bikram Yoga, and many more. So, depending on your selection, you need to find a respective yoga teacher training center that provides certification in the course of your choice.

Types of Courses

Well, since you are a beginner and might be having the least or no knowledge about yoga practice, joining a 200 hour yoga teacher training course is the best option you have. It covers everything according to your level of expertise and facilitates you with a slow and relaxed pace of yoga training, so that, you can learn everything to become a Certified Yoga Instructor.

Types of Yoga Courses

However, after the completion of a 200-hour YTT course, you can also join a 300 hour yoga teacher training course to level up your basic knowledge of yoga practice, and yoga poses. The course has advanced yoga poses, techniques, and focuses on body alignment and positioning.

Desire to Teach

Being a Certified Yoga Instructor is very crucial as you are responsible for more than teaching yoga. Apart from everything, you need to have a desire to teach yoga to others, and to be patient while doing so. You need to consider that not everybody is the same. Every individual undergoes progress at a different pace, and therefore needs a different time scale to master a certain yoga stance. You have to keep that in mind and teach everyone according to their body structure and various other elements at hand.

Body Anatomy

When it comes to being a Certified yoga instructor, being a diligent student can be a great asset from your side. Be attentive while learning about body anatomy, so that you can deal with various advanced yoga poses, and can adjust your body position according to the comfort level of the practitioner. Being thoroughly aware of the range of motion of muscles is very helpful while practicing yoga stretches and asanas.

To conclude, to be a yoga trainer is a test of your willpower, your intention of teaching the practitioners, and your learning ability. The better you learn as a student at the yoga teacher training center, the better you can deliver the knowledge to your students.

Practicing yoga is an art and you have to an artist than just a Certified yoga instructor. Understanding your students and teaching them according to their level should be your top priority. If you consider all the above-mentioned key points, you will definitely be going to be a great writer.

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Q1) Can you become a Certified Yoga Instructor without being certified or registered with Yoga Alliance?

Ans: Yes. You can as long as your students are less concerned about your certification and more concerned with your ability to teach. However, it will get difficult for you to get insurance without proper qualifications.

Q2)  How much does a Certified Yoga Instructor make for a living?

Ans: Totally depends. Some yoga studios pay you on an hourly wage whereas some pay you on the basis of how many students come to attend your class.

Q3) What yoga certifications do I need to become a Certified Yoga Instructor?

Ans) You need to earn the 200-hour yoga certifications that provide you the basic knowledge of yoga. It gives you an understanding of yoga beyond its physical aspect. The 200-hour yoga training will certainly help you become a Certified yoga instructor.

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