Complete Guide to Lizard Pose Yoga

Lizard Pose Yoga

The Lizard pose yoga (Uttana Pristhasana) has a lot to offer as a yoga asana. This yoga asana gives your hip flexors, quadriceps, and hamstrings a gentle stretch. Doing this yoga pose is a bit hard yet it is the benefits that make yoga lovers practice it.

In simple terms, to do a Lizard yoga pose, you get down into the Downward-facing Dog pose. Then you step a foot forward outside the corresponding hand and press both forearms to the yoga mat.

Practising improves flexibility in your legs, arms, and shoulders. It also tones the muscles of your spine, core, and chest.

Do you want to learn to do Lizard yoga poses? Let us start with the basics.

Lizard Pose Yoga – The Meaning

The Sanskrit name for this yoga exercise is Uttana Pristhasana. The word Uttana refers to stretching out, the word Pristha means back of the body, and asana means pose. This is the best yoga pose to stretch your back body as well as your hips.
Daily practice of the lizard pose yoga improves your mental and physical health. Let us now find out how you can practice this yoga asana and what precautions you should take.

Lizard Pose Yoga Guide

If there are any health conditions you are struggling with, then yoga experts have come up with a few indications you should be cautious of before doing this yoga pose.

Contradictions for Lizard Yoga Pose

  • Avoid doing a lizard yoga pose if you have an injury in your ankle, knee, hip, or back.
  • Do not practice this yoga asana if you are recovering from a recent surgery.
  • Do not try this yoga if you suffer from abnormal blood pressure.
  • Skip this yoga asana if you have a dislocated shoulder or any form of hernia.
  • Do not practice the lizard pose with a heavy hand.

To help you do this yoga asana with ease, there are a few preparatory poses.

Preparatory Yoga Poses for Lizard Yoga Pose

  • Lunge Pose
  • Extended Side Angle Pose
  • Forearm Plank Pose
  • Cradle Pose
  • Bound Angle Forward Bend Pose
  • Half Happy Baby Pose

Now, it is time we share with you the step-by-step guide to practising.

Step-By-Step Guide to Lizard Pose Yoga

  • Start with the Downward-Facing Dog pose on the yoga mat.
  • Step with your right foot forward into the Low Lunge pose.
  • Bring your right-hand fingertips towards the left side. Bring your right foot outwards.
  • Lower your upper body by bringing your forearms to the floor. Maintain a straight spine and neck.
  • Inhale and get your left knee off the floor.
  • Gaze forward and feel the stretch in your hips and inner thighs. Practice deep breathing.
  • Hold this position for 5 to 6 deep breaths.
  • Lower the left knee to the floor. Straighten your arms.
  • Bring your right arm outside the right foot.
  • Straighten your right leg. Point the toes up and come back to the Low Lunge pose.
  • Exhale. Drag your right leg back to the Downward-Facing Dog pose.
  • Repeat the process with the opposite leg.

To keep you safe from an injury, yoga experts have come up with a few precautions.

Precautions for Lizard Pose Yoga

  • Do not move your elbows once you enter into this pose.
  • Make sure your hips are square when practising.
  • Maintain a neutral position with your head in the final posture.

Let us now check out how the Uttana Pristhasana asana benefits you.

Health Benefits of Lizard Pose Yoga

Given below are 3 major health benefits.

Improves Reproductive Health

The Lizard pose of yoga stretches your groins. This secretes stress hormones to the region. It is what improves blood flow to your reproductive organs. Daily practise of this yoga exercise shows prospects in improving sexual performance.

Improves Flexibility of Chest and Hips

Your hips and chest play a major role. This yoga pose expands the muscle in these regions. Lizard pose improves the flexibility of your glutes, hamstrings, and chest muscles. In total, this strengthens your upper as well as the lower body.

Helps with Detoxification

Lizard pose stimulates internal organs like kidneys and liver. It helps in improving hormonal balance with the natural detoxification process.


This is an effective exercise that offers you multiple health benefits. To learn this yoga asana, we recommend you enrol in a Yoga Alliance certified yoga school. Here you would learn everything about this powerful yoga asana.