Earning of Yoga Instructor in USA, UK, Canada and Australia

Earning of Yoga Instructor in USA, UK, Canada and Australia

If the earning of yoga instructor grabs one’s attention and they want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle along with a decent earning, becoming a yoga instructor is the right career choice for them. One should understand that the earnings of a yoga instructor vary from one country to the next and it also depends on the demand. One can only give the best yoga lessons when they have the right resources to learn from. It is also why yoga schools are so much in demand.

Western countries have always been intrigued by the spiritual men of India. Yoga has given numerous Indian yoga gurus an opportunity to help those looking to de-stress their minds and body. However, before going for a yoga instructor course one should have a clear idea about how much they can earn as a yoga teacher.

Let us start with the Land of Opportunity aka the United States of America. Given below is the average salary of a yoga instructor in the USA.

How Can Yoga Instructor Earn in the USA

The average yearly salary of a certified yoga instructor in the USA is $39,000 per year. You can earn an hourly rate of $20 per hour. The entry-level positions in yoga teacher start from $34, 125, and with experience, it can touch $66,300.

With that said, it is time to know the salary of a yoga instructor in The Great White North, aka Canada.

How Yoga Instructors Earn in Canada

As a Canadian yoga instructor one can earn a decent salary of $48,263 per year. The hourly rate is $24.75 per hour with entry-level yoga teachers earning $28,860 per year. One can earn an impressive $82,046 per year depending on the knowledge and experience.

Let us now find out the earning of yoga instructor in the Commonwealth of Australia.

Yoga Instructor Salary in Australia

The average salary of a certified yoga instructor in Australia is $76,858 per year. A yoga teacher can earn an hourly rate of $36.95. The entry-level salary of yoga instructors is $56, 701 with a maximum of $93, 901 AUD per year depending on one’s experience and knowledge.

Lastly, time to find out how much one can earn as a yoga instructor in Great Britain.

Yoga Instructor Earning in the UK

Being a certified yoga instructor in the UK is a promising career. One can earn a decent average salary of £ 51,996 and with right knowledge, one can earn £ 99612 per year. The average hourly salary of a yoga teacher is £ 27.20.

When it comes to earning as a yoga teacher then sky is the limit. The only thing one needs to do is find the right ways to increase their chances of earning more.

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It is time to find out how one can earn a decent salary being a yoga teacher.

1. Podcast

How about going out and spreading the word about this sacred art to millions at once? A Podcast is similar to blogging and also a great way to gather a massive following. All one needs is a good-quality microphone and complete yoga knowledge to earn a decent amount as yoga teacher without any hassle.

2. Digital Marketing for Yoga

If one is a little tech-savvy, the opportunities to earn are countless. One can work for yoga studios looking to market their brand. The right technology combined with authentic knowledge of this sacred art can help one earn some serious money in the long term.

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3. Teaching at Educational Institutes

Owing to increasing academic pressure, students around the world are having a tough time. Universities and colleges often search for yoga instructors to give yoga lessons to students. These opportunities make it possible for one to have the earning of yoga teacher, however, patience is important.

Here one can also try to connect with Student Services to know about any hiring opportunities. Also, one should never underestimate community colleges or centers as they often search for a yoga teacher.

4. Corporate Group Yoga Sessions

The high competition at the workplace makes it harder for people to enjoy a moment of peace. Also, it does a lot of damage to one’s physical and mental health. One should ask their local support group for companies looking for a certified yoga instructor to help their employees unwind. The chance of earning a decent amount with corporate training is a lot more.


Without any doubt, yoga is the best way for one to enhance their physical and mental health. However, for one to have the earning of yoga teacher they need to work on multiple avenues to increase the earning potential and help others on this journey.

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