Having Suicidal Thoughts? Try Yoga and Meditation!

Having Suicidal Thoughts? Try Yoga and Meditation!

Suicidal thoughts- Are you having recurring thoughts of self-harm and suicide? Suicidal thoughts and tendencies are acts of self-harm done with the intention of ending life. There are many reasons why an individual decides to end his/her life. These can range from psychological, physical, financial, traumatic stress, substance abuse, fear of loss, and social isolation.

However, you don’t just wake up one day and decide to take your life all of a sudden. There are some warning signs when an individual takes this extreme step. Let us find out what these signs are.

Signs a Person Is Having Suicidal Thoughts

Given below are the seven signs that will make you clear why an individual is having thoughts of suicide or self-harm.

1) Talking about feeling hopeless, and alone

2) Giving away personal possessions or making a will

3) Sleeping too much or too little

4) Avoiding social interactions with others

5) Having dramatic mood swings

6) Excessive rage or intention to seek revenge

7) Engaging in reckless behavior like alcohol and drug abuse

Suicidal thoughts are a result of having too much pressure on mind and generally more than one can handle. It can include academic pressure, relationship, and personal issue that people don’t want to share. However, with every problem also comes the solution.

You can try inculcating yoga and meditation practices to calm down your mind and think from a different perspective about the same issue.

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Yoga & Meditation Vs Suicidal Thoughts

A normal conversation about yoga generally includes its physiological benefits like improved strength, flexibility, and a deeper state of relaxation. However, including regular yoga practice does provide you with some impressive mental health benefits.

Yoga & Meditation Vs Suicidal Thoughts

Yoga and meditation together help you overcome mental health issues like depression, PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), and anxiety.

With that said, let us find out how yoga can help in preventing suicidal thoughts.

1. Deeper Relaxation

An essential part of yoga is paying attention to how you breathe via the abdomen. The right breathing technique can help you get rid of the stress hormone Cortisol. Hence, yoga can stop you from ending your life by providing a way to think clearly.

2. Teaches Mindfulness

Living in the past or worrying about the uncertain future are two reasons why an individual contemplates suicide. The practice of yoga prevents suicidal thoughts from materializing by bringing your mind to the present moment. It helps you focus on the task at hand rather than worrying about its result. In short, you develop the willpower to control your present.

3. Calms Down Your Mind

The art of focusing on your body movements and breathing during the yoga practice minimizes the noise of negative thoughts in your mind. It helps you achieve clarity in what you want from your life.

4. Increases Tolerance

Whether you have to endure heated rooms in Bikram yoga or perform an advanced yoga asana, regular yoga practice not just increases your body’s capacity to handle pain but also makes you mentally tough and resilient to face life’s challenges.

Moreover, daily meditation helps you fight suicidal thoughts by diving deeper into the actual issue behind so much pain.

5. Develops Self-Acceptance

Suicidal thoughts occur in your mind when you are in conflict with your wants and desires. Yoga and meditation help you become more accepting of yourself including all shortcomings and flaws. Self-acceptance is the key to letting go of all the negative thoughts that might force you to take such an extreme step.


Your mind is your ally when it comes to achieving great things in life. However, suicidal thoughts can captive your mind and force you to take the extreme step. You should practice yoga and meditation daily to take back control of your mind and live a life free of unnecessary negativity.

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Q1) How can I get rid of suicidal thoughts?

Ans. Meditation practice is one of the best ways to get rid of suicidal thoughts. Practicing meditation stops overthinking, negative emotions, and stress. Hence, you feel a little lighter when you incorporate a meditation practice into your life.

Q2) Can you be depressed and not feel anything?

Ans. Yes! Sometimes, many things are working in your subconscious. Because of that, your mind releases certain hormones that make you depressed. Since you do not feel anything as everything is going in your psyche, it becomes really hard to detect this kind of depression.

Q3) Can a person with situational depression have suicidal thoughts and self-harm?

Ans. That can depend from person to person. If a person has a very short temper, then it is possible that he or she might harm herself or himself. On the other hand, it also depends on the situation. Losing someone very near to you can lead to harmful thoughts. Whereas, some might feel depressed but not to the extent where they have self-harming thoughts.