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Corepower Yoga Teacher Training– If you want to lose extra weight and develop a toned body, then corepower YTT is the right choice for you. It is a multi-disciplinary and rigorous form of yoga that empowers your mind, body, and spirit. The whole idea behind this yoga style is to help you access your spiritual self and develop inner power.

The inner power you develop with a corepower teacher training course helps you develop a strong mental focus. However, you do need to have a basic understanding as to what exactly is corepower yoga before taking the course.

Let us understand in-depth what exactly is corepower yoga.

Corepower Yoga – A Short History

Corepower yoga, also known as Power Vinyasa yoga is the western version of the Ashtanga Yoga style. The corepower yoga got its name from an Ashtanga Yoga instructor, Beryl Bender Birch.

The practice of this form of yoga came to the west by yogis who were inspired by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, a Sanskrit scholar who shared his knowledge and philosophy on the Ashtanga yoga.

With that clear, you might wonder if all the noise surrounding corepower yoga makes it worth your time and effort. You should read further to know how this form of yoga works.

Does Corepower Yoga Really Work?

Of course! Corepower yoga is a strenuous and rigorous form of yoga that helps you develop physical strength without exhausting you after every session. The corepower yoga teacher training includes not just physical but spiritual aspects of the yogic lifestyle.

In short, corepower yoga helps you get mental and physical exercise without tiring yourself too much.

You already know that corepower yoga style is a multi-disciplinary form of yoga. Corepower yoga gives you more flexibility, strength, and discipline as a yoga practice. However, you might think as to what makes it a multi-disciplinary style of yoga. Let us find out.

Three Forms of Corepower Yoga

Corepower yoga comprises of three different styles of yoga;

Corepower yoga

1. Power Yoga

The practice of power yoga includes moving from one yoga pose to the next in rapid succession. Power yoga is popular in the west as it suits those striving for physical fitness. They focus more on the physical aspects of yoga rather than its spiritual and mental benefits.

However, it does not follow the stretches and poses that are an essential part of Ashtanga yoga. The corepower yoga teacher training course helps you learn about this aspect of corepower yoga.

2. Hot Yoga

Hot Yoga classes are an important part of your corepower yoga training session. The inclusion of heat in your yoga practice minimizes the risk of muscular injuries and detoxifies your body.

3. Core Yoga

The term core yoga might have you thinking of using yoga practice for weight and core strength training. Core yoga depends a lot on your breathing as the root of inner strength.

Without a doubt, a yoga form that combines three different yoga styles has to offer some major benefits.

Corepower Yoga – The Benefits

With that said, let us check out how corepower yoga teacher training benefits you.

corepower benefits

1. Training to Sweat

After a few sessions of corepower yoga, you start to sweat faster than you did when you first entered the class. It trains your body to sweat during the yoga practice. The additional heat in the room helps your body, not just sweat but also cool down after the practice.

2. Boosts Your Immune System

You may not realize but corepower yoga teacher training helps warm up your body and function like it has to fight an illness. It increases your white blood cells and improves your immune system functioning.

3. Get that Glow

Corepower yoga not just pumps up your blood but also help deliver fresh and oxygenated blood to the surface of your skin. The increased circulation to your skin improves the texture of your skin and gives it a healthy glow.

4. A Healthy Heart

Throughout corepower yoga teacher training when you practice the yoga poses, there will come a time when your heart will pump harder to cool down your body. It causes an increased circulation so the harder you practice, the more it strengthens your heart muscles.

However, benefits are only possible if you follow specific guidelines to maximize the benefits of corepower yoga teacher training session.

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Let us understand what you need to do before starting your corepower yoga class.

1. Hydrate

Before Class

Corepower yoga classes often take place in heated environments with added humidity which means you will sweat. You should drink a minimum of 20 ounces of fluids at least two hours before the yoga class.

After the Class

Once you are done with the class, you have to rehydrate to compensate for the loss of water and other essential nutrients. Drink water until you feel replenished, you can also add electrolyte to the water to fully recover from the practice.

2. Food


Before the Class

The corepower yoga teacher training is a form of yoga but it still requires energy. You should consume a small yet nutrient-rich meal at least 1 hour or 20 minutes before the session.

After the Class

Make sure you intake a meal rich in protein and carbohydrates.

3. Rest and Recovery

Before Class

If you are in a hot yoga class during the training, remember your body needs sufficient rest to recover. You should get a night sleep of 7 to 8 hours so your body and mind are ready to perform in the next session.

After Class

After you are done with the class, refresh your body and mind by taking a bath. You can also add some salts to feel refreshed after the session.

4. Communicate

Before the Class

The Yoga teacher at the corepower yoga training is there to help you practice each yoga pose with ease. If you have any prior injuries or want to use yoga props, then let the teacher know in advance.

After the Class

Do not worry about asking the teacher about a particular yoga posture you are finding hard to practice during the class. Your teachers are there to help you improve your yoga practice.

Without a doubt, corepower yoga does a lot when it comes to combining strength training with losing weight.


Yoga offers you a natural way to stay fit and keep many health issues at bay. You should enroll in a corepower yoga teacher training to improve your overall health and also help others on this journey.

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Q1) How Can I become a CorePower yoga instructor?

Ans: You need to enroll in a 200-Hour yoga teacher training to get the basics of yoga. Afterward, you can enroll in a Corepower yoga course at a reputed yoga school in Rishikesh.

Q2) How much does CorePower yoga teacher training cost?

Ans: The cost of the CorePower yoga teacher training cost depends on what yoga school you choose. Although you should enroll in Svadhyaya Kosha, which is top yoga teacher training school in India.

Q3) Is CorePower yoga a good workout?

Ans: CorePower yoga is an effective yoga style if you want to get rid of unnecessary fat. However, if you want to maintain good physical and mental health you should explore more.