Differences Between Hot Vs Regular Yoga For Beginners

Hot Yoga Vs Regular Yoga

The evolution of yoga gave birth to various types of yoga. One of those is Hot yoga. It is very much different from regular yoga, but, not completely. Therefore, the presence of numerous similarities leads to a hot vs regular yoga debate.

To ensure you do not waste your time nibbling over the matter, we have prepared a guide for beginners targeting hot vs regular yoga debate. Moreover, to make it easier for you, we have explained each yoga style before moving on to the difference between hot vs normal yoga. Read on.

What is Regular Yoga?

Conventional yoga from the ancient times falls under the category of regular yoga. You can practice this form of yoga anywhere and anytime. There are no prerequisites to start the practice of regular yoga.

Types of Regular Yoga

Some of the regular yoga types are as follows:

  • Hatha yoga
  • Kundalini yoga
  • Restorative yoga
  • Yin yoga
  • Vinyasa yoga
  • Ashtanga yoga

What is Hot Yoga?

As is clear from the name itself, practicing yoga in a hot surrounding or room is known as Hot Yoga. This form of yoga is completely different from other forms of yoga. You need a special room to start the practice of this yoga.

Types of Hot Yoga

These two are some of the most practiced forms of hot yoga. Both these forms have a slight difference between them.

  • Hot Yoga
  • Bikram Yoga

Hot vs Regular Yoga

Yoga Sequence

One of the biggest points of hot vs regular yoga debate is the yoga sequence. It includes the way you practice one yoga pose after the other. So, you should be aware of every little difference in the yoga sequence.

In Hot yoga , the yoga sequence depends on a yoga trainer. The yoga trainer decides which yoga pose should start the practice and which yoga pose should end the yoga practice session.

Whereas, in regular yoga, a yoga trainer can either follow a strict routine or a free yoga sequence. The yoga sequence is a crucial point of difference in the hot vs regular yoga debate.


What you need to start a yoga practice is a significant point in the hot vs regular yoga debate. This signifies how much preparation you need to do before getting started with your practice.

In hot yoga, you need a room whose temperature can be shifted. Ideally, yoga practitioners enter a hot room with a slightly low temperature. Once they become accustomed, the temperature of the room is increased over 25 degrees Celsius.

On the other hand, in Regular yoga, there is no such requirement to practice yoga. Rather, it depends on yoga practitioners whether they want to practice in a room or an open ground. You can choose a place according to your comfort.

Yoga Poses

Different yoga forms have different yoga poses that you should be aware of. Furthermore, the availability of different yoga poses also depends on the intensity and pace of the yoga form you practice.

Hot yoga poses are intense and practiced at a higher pace. The raised temperature of the room ensures your body is ready to do intense yoga poses.

Regular yoga poses could be slow, time-consuming, and focus-centered. It is because the change in temperature makes it hard to adopt a single strict routine for every yoga practitioner.

Hence, yoga poses are different when you look for answers about the hot vs regular yoga debate.


It is one of the major points of difference in the hot vs regular yoga debate. The nature of your yoga form has a significant impact on how you dress up.

Regular yoga forms are easier on your body and mind. Moreover, the movements are slow and gentle. Therefore, you can afford to wear loose and baggy clothes.

However, in hot yoga, your movements are fast and intense. So, you need to wear tight and skin-hugging clothes. This ensures you can move easily without facing any difficulty or injury.

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Sum Up

Various points play an important role in the hot vs regular yoga debate. Therefore, you should learn about every little change in both yoga forms. When you do that, it becomes easier for you to choose the right yoga style and reach the desired goal as soon as possible.