How Much Does a Yoga Teacher Training Cost?

How Much Does a Yoga Teacher Training Cost

Yoga Teacher Training Cost- Yoga is a lifestyle not just for the yogis but for anyone who wants to live a healthy life. With tons of benefits at hand, you are presented with a life full of bliss and calm when you practice yoga. However, it varies on how or where you practice. Finding a certified and popular yoga teacher training center might be the question spinning in your head. Worry not! Reading the blog, we hope all your worries fly away.

Before enrolling in any yoga teacher training course, you must have a check on various things. Here’s a list of things one can expect in a yoga teacher training course. Though there are a number of YTT courses available for learners to choose from, starting your journey with the most basic YTT course can always be the best option.

Let’s make you familiar with some of the most approachable YTT courses!

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

If you are a beginner and are thinking about learning yoga, then 200 hour YTT can be a go-to option for you. The yoga teacher training course in association with Yoga Alliance could be a life-changing experience for you. You will be provided with a deep knowledge under the guidance of highly experienced yoga instructors.

You learn about the basic human anatomy and about the mechanics of the various poses. There will be an introduction to various mudras, chakras, and other yogic concepts. Also, you learn about the history, the methodology used in the YTT course, and much more.

Cost – 200 RYT

Cost – 200 RYT

You will be practicing and learning about yoga in a batch of around 10 students. For 28 days, the cost for the yoga course is $1500 if you choose a shared room for your stay at the yoga center. In case you want some privacy, the cost would be around $1700 in which you will be getting a private room with additional facilities. Therefore, the cost varies as per your preference for the facilities you want to avail of.

300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

It is a yoga teacher training course with advanced knowledge that helps yogis/yoginis to level up their yogic journeys. To join this course, it is good if you have a basic knowledge or certification of 200 Hour YTT, however, having such experience is not mandatory. Before enrolling in this course as well, you need to check that it is a certified course under the Yoga Alliance. It would be a step-up from your basic knowledge of various poses, body alignment, body positioning, and much more.
A deeper knowledge of pranayama techniques is taught for overall wellness. You also learn how to use various props like blankets, straps, blocks, etc. for the better and easy practice of yoga poses.
Note: In case you have no 200 Hour YTT certificate but have some knowledge and practice of yoga, you need to prove your potential if you want to enroll in 300 hour YTT program

Cost – RYT 300

Cost - RYT 300

The batch size for the 300 hour YTT is around 10 to 20 students. For the duration of 40 days, the cost you have to pay is around $2000 USD for a shared room and $2200 USD for private accommodation.

500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

This yoga program is the most advanced course you can enroll in if you want to become an instructor or open up your own teacher training academy. 500 Hour YTT is for those who want to achieve the highest level of knowledge in a particular style of yoga. It is the ultimate way to have mastery of your yogic journey.

Cost -RYT 500

Cost -RYT 500

Being a 60-day journey, you nurture yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. The cost for a shared accommodation would be $3000 USD for this yoga course, whereas the cost goes to $3500 USD for a private room.

Dormitory options are also available if you want to compromise a bit on the cost of YTT.

Another thing which you should keep in check is the availability of the various teacher training courses. To book a seat, you need to pay thirty percent of the overall cost as an advance payment, which would be non-refundable. For any doubts or queries regarding cost, you are most welcome to contact our team via email. Clearance of doubts is always important before joining a YTT program.

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Q1) How proficient do you need to be in yoga to join yoga teacher training?

Ans: You don’t have to be yoga proficient in order to join a yoga teacher training course. But, it is always good if you have the basic knowledge and skills to practice yoga.

Q2) Do you need to be physically fit to participate in yoga teacher training?

Ans. It is recommended to consult your doctor in case you have any physical injuries before you decide to join a yoga teacher training because physical injuries can prevent you from fully indulging yourself in the training.

Q3) Where can I enroll in yoga training classes?

Ans)  Without any doubt, Svadhyaya Kosha is the best choice for taking yoga both as a lifestyle and the experience of a lifetime. You will learn from yoga gurus who have themselves walked this path before you.

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