How to Become a Certified Yoga Teacher

yoga teacher training

Yoga is not just a combination of different poses but a lifestyle. Practicing yoga on a regular basis heals you from various health issues such as stress, anxiety, irregular sleep, depression, and much more. In turn, you feel fresh, full of energy, and mentally and physically healthy. But when it comes to teaching yoga to others who want to learn, you need a yoga certification from a recognized yet certified yoga school.

There you not only learn everything about yoga but also acquire knowledge about how to teach people about yoga. Excelling at your field surely makes you a great yoga teacher. Also, you will be able to transform the lives of people through the implementation of yoga practice in their lives.

Many things play their part while looking for a certified yoga teacher training course. Have a look at the following to have some insight into it.

Things worth knowing to become a certified yoga teacher

1. Yoga Instructors

Having the guidance of experienced, knowledgeable, and  certified yoga instructors at your disposal provides you with a step ahead in your journey. Practicing yoga under certified professionals sharpen your skills, provides you with years of knowledge and experience. Under the skilled eyes of your yoga instructors, you have an upper hand at perfecting various yoga asanas, improving body positioning and alignment of the body.

2. Types of Courses available for certified yoga teacher

Whether you are a beginner or advanced personnel, different types of certified yoga teacher training courses are available according to your level of yoga training. For beginners with little to no knowledge about yoga practice, 200-hour yoga teacher training is the go-to option.

If you have already certified in the 200-hour yoga teacher training and want to level up your knowledge, a 300-hour yoga teacher training course will be perfect for you. It makes you an expert by teaching you the advanced yoga poses and knowledge.

There is another advanced yoga teacher training program as well, which is for 500 hours. Taking care of the minutes details, this course provides everything you need to be a professionally certified yoga instructor. If you wish to enroll in any of the above-mentioned certified courses depending upon the level of your yoga practice, feel free to join yoga teacher training in India.

3. Surrounding Environment

Learning yoga in a suitable environment plays a vital role in your pace of learning. It also affects how easily you are grasping the provided knowledge. Therefore, look out for an environment that facilitates you with answering all your queries. Also, allows you to be in your comfort zone and challenges you enough for your personal growth.

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4. Certification

Make sure that the yoga teacher training center you choose is certified and provides certification in the type of yoga you want to learn. Also, the certification should be with the Yoga Alliance, making it valid all over the world. Yoga instructor certification makes it clear that you have attended the course and have gained enough knowledge and training required to help others learn as well. Therefore, it acts as a ticket to your journey as a yoga teacher.

5. Goal Setting

Before enrolling yourself in a certified yoga teacher training program, you must have a clear idea about which field you want to choose. There are various options available, for example, yoga for sleep, yoga for back pain, yoga for depression, and much more. Having a prior thought about the field you want to be professional at prepares you mentally for the upcoming challenges.

Considering the before mentioned points, you clear your path from any hurdles which might have made the yoga journey hard for you. The journey to becoming a yoga instructor is ever going process in which you are always learning and growing. Keep your mind open and yourself humble so that you never miss any opportunity to grow anywhere in your yogic life.


Q1) Which is the best yoga school to become a certified yoga teacher?

Ans: Svadhyaya Kosha, Rishikesh is the best-recommended yoga school to become a certified yoga teacher as it is registered with Yoga Alliance.

Q2) Is it too late to become a certified yoga teacher?

Ans: No. It is never too late to become a certified yoga teacher. In fact, some dedicated yoga practitioners just do not give up practicing yoga even when they the age of 80.