How to Become a Yoga Instructor: An All-Inclusive Guide

become a yoga instructor

Become a Yoga Instructor- So you have decided to become a yoga instructor! In the first place, becoming a certified yoga instructor can seem like a daunting task, but it isn’t. If truth be told, it can be an amazing experience for you to become a yoga instructor in your life.

Before you hand over your credit card and design your business card, it is better to understand what it takes to get yoga certification and become a yoga instructor. Here is our step-by-step guide to help you become a yoga teacher.

Become a Yoga Instructor with Yoga Alliance Certification

1. Do Your Research

It can be challenging knowing where to start on your path to becoming a certified yoga teacher. With the ever-evolving popularity of yoga, you will find oodles of teacher training courses. You need to find the best yoga teacher training program for you that not only suits your needs but also your budget. A few key points to consider are style, logistics, and accreditation.

While doing your research on how to become a yoga teacher, try out different yoga classes. It is better to experience the difference between various yoga styles like a restorative or yin yoga class.

Also, consider logistics as training courses will include a certain amount of traveling, especially if you pick a far away location like India.


Teacher training courses range from 100 hours to 500 hours. However, the first official step to becoming a yoga instructor will be completing a 200-hour yoga teacher training program. Thereafter, if you want to continue on and become a 500-hour RYT, you can go with a 300-hour YTT course.

2. Find a Teacher You Resonate With

As you will spend a considerable amount of time with your teacher during training, it is crucial that you resonate and relate to their personality. A great teacher will motivate you to find your inner teacher to develop your teaching voice, helping you become the kind of authentic teacher you wish to be.

Find a Teacher You Resonate With


3. Consider Your Resources

Despite the fact that teacher training is an investment, yet it is crucial to consider your finances. Ask yourself a few questions such as:

  • Am I going to teach at yoga studios or start my own classes?
  • Will I make a transition from regular employment to self-employed?
  • What other costs should I consider to set up my own studio (marketing costs, room hire, insurance, etc.)

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4. Register as A Yoga Instructor

Once you completed your teacher training, you will need to register as a yoga instructor with the Yoga Alliance. Once you become registered, you will be listed in their global directory as a yoga instructor/teacher who has surpassed their minimal requirements for teaching and completed their training with an officially registered yoga school. You can also get a Yoga instructor certification after completing your teacher training with the registered yoga center.

Register as A Yoga Instructor



Thus, you can become a certified yoga teacher. You are now all set to teach yoga. Keep in mind that the role of a teacher is extremely important. Keep learning and expanding your own practice, so that you can spread the fantastic gift of yoga with everyone.

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Q1) What are the pros of becoming a yoga instructor?

Ans: Becoming a yoga instructor not just improves your personal yoga practice, builds your confidence and social skills, but it also gives you the opportunity to help others out.

Q2) Can a blind person become a yoga instructor?

Ans: The answer to your question is a big YES. Just because a person is blind, that shouldn’t stop him to spread yogic knowledge and guide you if he is well reversed with the basics of yoga.

Q3) Which is the best yoga certification available?

Ans) You have to first earn a 200-hour certificate if you are a yoga novice. However, the 500-hour is the best yoga certification that covers everything from beginner-level knowledge to advanced yoga poses.

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