Importance and Difference Between RYT and RYS


Are you familiar with the acronyms RYT and RYS? If not, this all-inclusive guide is destined to help you understand everything you need to know about RYT and RYS.

What Does RYT Stand For?

What does RYT stand for

RYT stands for Registered Yoga Teacher. The title relates to the biggest yoga organization in the world that is Yoga Alliance. When a yoga teacher, after the successful completion of a yoga teacher training course, applies for certification with Yoga Alliance, he/she is rewarded with the RYT title. These titles can be either RYT 200, RYT 300, or RYT 500 as per the yoga course done by a yogi/yogini.

What Does RYS Stand For?

RYS stands for Registered Yoga School. The title of RYS can only be achieved if the school meets the standards set by the Yoga Alliance. A Registered Yoga School needs to submit the course curriculum of YTT programs it is running, get it verified from the authorities of Yoga Alliance and is required to pay an annual fee to the organization for getting RYS certification.

What Does RYS Stand For

Here, don’t get confused between titles or certifications.

Yoga Alliance gives RYT or RYS title/certification to those who are registering with the organization. It does not provide any copy of the certificate to teachers or schools. Instead, lists the name of registered schools and teachers to its directory.

Difference Between RYT 200, 300, and 500

Difference Between RYT 200, 300, and 500

RYT 200

RYT 200 certification is provided to a person who has successfully completed a 200 hour yoga teacher training program from a registered yoga school. This is the basic level of yoga certification. People having RYT 200 certification becomes eligible to teach yoga to beginner yoga enthusiasts.

RYT 200

It is the first step to be taken after completing the 200 hour YTT for becoming a registered yoga teacher. The certification can be followed up with RYT 300 and RYT 500 for deeper and broader yoga knowledge.

RYT 300

RYT 300

Anyone who has completed 300 hour yoga teacher training can apply for RYT 300 certification with Yoga Alliance. This is the intermediate level of yoga training. Some yoga schools demand a student to first complete 200 hour YTT to complete 300 hour YTT. However, the criteria vary from school to school.

The best thing about getting RYT 300 title is that you become eligible to teach yoga in any part of the world.

RYT 500

RYT 500 is the advanced level of certification given by Yoga Alliance to the students who are done with their 500 hour yoga teacher training. This advanced certification is for those who have some teaching experience.

RYT 500


In order to register with Yoga Alliance for RYT 500, you need to have specific hours of teaching experience under your belt along with the 500 hour YTT certification.


Difference Between RYT and ERYT

Where RYT refers to Registered yoga teacher, the ERYT is the acronym of Experienced Registered Yoga teacher. The ERYT title is given to a person only after the completion of certain hours of teaching after doing a yoga teacher training course.

Difference Between RYT and ERYT

For instance, 200 ERYT can be applied if a person has completed 200 hours of yoga teacher training along with teaching yoga to others for at least two years. This is only applicable if the training has been given in the same school. Combining the experience of various yoga schools will not work when it comes to meeting the 200 ERYT certification requirements.

Importance of RYT Certification

These days people are becoming more eager to learn yoga recognizing its health benefits. Due to this, the demand for yoga teachers is hyping day by day. Although there are thousands of people claiming to teach yoga, however teachers with RYT titles are only being adhered to.

Importance of RYT

If you are also planning to become a yoga teacher, then you need to get RYT certification first. With having access to RYT certification, you can enjoy a plethora of benefits like:

RYT title increases your credibility among students.

You get listed in the biggest yoga directory. This way, increase your visibility as a yoga teacher in various countries.

With the RYT certification, you can run your own yoga school or take personal yoga classes to spread this sacred art among people from various walks of life.

RYT certification allows you to attend various yoga workshops and avail yourself of scholarships. You can also be part of the live and virtual events or meetings that are being arranged by Yoga Alliance from time to time.

If you are registered with an organization like Yoga Alliance, there are certain benefits you can avail yourself. For example, attend free yoga workshops, get access to various online yoga portals, enjoy perks and discounts on the purchase of branded apparel, have travel discounts, and much more.

All in all, if you are planning to teach yoga after completing your YTT, the RYT certification will give you an edge over the competition. Without the RYT title, you will limit your options to teach yoga around yoga schools worldwide.

How to Get RYT Certification?

How to Get RYT Certification?

There are various stages to be followed by yoga enthusiasts to get the RYT certification. Check all the stages given below:

Choose a Yoga Style for You

Choose a Yoga Style for You

There are various styles of yoga. Right from Hatha to Vinyasa and Ashtanga to Yin, you can choose the yoga style that best suits your needs and interest. Make sure you choose the yoga style that matches your yoga level.

Select a Yoga School

Select a Yoga School

For getting RYT certification, it is a must to graduate from a school that is registered with Yoga Alliance. So, choose a registered yoga school and check if the yoga style selected by you is available there.

Opt for a YTT Course

Opt for a YTT Course

As we have already mentioned, there are various yoga teacher training courses one can pursue as per their yoga level. The next step towards getting RYT certification is to choose a yoga course as per your yoga level and time availability. For example, a 200 hour YTT course takes around 28 days for practitioners to complete while 300 hour YTT can be done in 40 days. The combination of two that is 500 hour yoga teacher training needs you to spare at least 60 days. Therefore, choose the program you are comfortable within every aspect like time, budget, experience, etc.

Check Online Reviews for the School

Svadhyaya Kosha Rishikesh 500 Hour YTT

Yoga training is a lifetime experience. And when done from the right place, it can bring a lot of difference to your overall yoga knowledge. It is, therefore, necessary to choose the yoga school and course wisely. For this, you can check the online reviews about the yoga school you are planning to enroll in and make your decision accordingly.

Complete Your Yoga Course

Complete Your Yoga Course

Once you are all done with selecting your course, yoga style, and school, put all your efforts for completing the YTT. Make sure you attend all the classes of yoga to make the most of your experience and learn every bit of your course syllabus. This way, you will have an expanded knowledge of yoga, which is going to help you in your future endeavors especially on your way to becoming a yoga teacher.

Apply for RYT Credentials

After completing your training and getting certification from a registered yoga school, you need to apply with Yoga Alliance for RYT credentials. For instance, to get RYT 200 title, make sure you have completed 200 hours of yoga teacher training. Yoga Alliance will then verify all your details and if applicable you will be added to the directory of Yoga Alliance. For this, however, you also need to pay an annual fee to the Yoga Alliance.

Apply for RYT Credentials
These all are the steps that will help you get your RYT certification. If you want to run your own school and teach yoga as a registered firm, then you need to first get the RYS title. Let’s now make you aware of the fact that how a school can register with Yoga Alliance for RYS certification.

How to Become a Registered Yoga School?

Have you earned tons of experience as a great yoga teacher? Do you wish to start your own yoga teacher training school? Want to train yoga enthusiasts around the world about true yoga? Well, getting the RYS title can help in a big way. To get the title all you need to do is:

Apply for your YTT course to become RYS certified through Yoga Alliance.

How to Become a Registered Yoga School

For this, however, you need to do some work beforehand. Review the standards set by Yoga Alliance and accordingly arrange material for the YTT course you want to get certification for.

Every course has different guidelines to be followed for getting the RYS title. So, make sure you analyze everything as per the course you want to offer. For example RYS 200, RYS 300, or RYS 500.

If you have any doubts in mind regarding submitting your application to Yoga Alliance, get them cleared. You can contact the Yoga Alliance team or have a nudge on the frequently asked questions listed by the organization.

Once done, apply with Yoga Alliance for RYS certification. Make sure you fulfill all the needs mentioned by the organization for getting the RYS credential.

Yoga Alliance will then review your application. However, you are all done with your work. After assessing the application, the organization will get back to you. If any changes will be required from your end, you need to make them as per the suggestions given.

After the completion of all the processes, pay the fees to Yoga Alliance and make your dream of becoming a registered yoga school come true.

Well, your struggle not ends here. You also need to qualify as a lead trainer with the organization to commence your yoga start-up.

How to Become a Lead Trainer with Yoga Alliance?

Here are the points you need to fulfill if you want to get authentication for becoming a lead trainer and start your own yoga school. Here we are taking the example of 200 hour YTT.

Complete the 200 yoga teacher training course with a school that is already registered with Yoga Alliance, USA.

Get the experience of at least 1000 hours of teaching yoga in a registered school.

You must have completed your 200 hour YTT at least two years before applying for the lead trainer credentials.

You must be eligible to apply for ERYT 200 with Yoga Alliance.

By having all the essentials, you can not only apply but qualify as a lead trainer. This way, you can start your own registered yoga school and take your yoga journey to a whole new level.

Just in case, you are not able to qualify as a lead trainer and still want to run your own yoga school, worry not! As you have the experience and urge to teach yoga to others, you can also plan to open a non-registered yoga school. Although the students passing out from your school will not be able to apply with Yoga Alliance for the RYT title, still you can do this for the sake of humanity.

Or, you can partner with an already registered yoga school. This way, you will not only be able to teach yoga but also be able to secure the future of students that would be passing out from your yoga school.

Best Thing About RYT and RYS!

Being a registered yoga teacher or registered yoga school, you are valid to spread the knowledge of yoga in any part of the world. Keep in mind that both the titles are really worthy to avail for yoga lovers. No matter whether you are planning to become a yoga teacher or want to start your yoga school, consider having these certifications in hand for taking your overall yoga experience to a level beyond expectations.