Intensify Your Yoga Practice With Yoga Teacher Certification

Intensify Your Yoga Practice With Yoga Teacher Certification

Yoga Teacher Certification- Have you been practicing yoga for some time now and want to level it up? Or are you a newbie looking for a way to dive into the yogic world? Yoga teacher certification is just the perfect way to kick start your yogic journey.

However, you need to have in-depth knowledge about the yoga teacher certification course before you can take the next big step. The following points surface the key elements of the course before you, so that, you can have a better understanding of everything you will be going through. Keep reading.

Key Elements of A Yoga Teacher Certification

When you join a yoga teacher certification course, you come across many new things that you haven’t heard before. The yoga course helps you grasp the newly attained yoga knowledge. Here’s what the yoga teacher certification course holds for you.

Yoga Asanas

Yoga course teaches you basic as well as advanced yoga poses to help you reach the peak of your human strength. Yoga asanas tones your muscles, burn fat, and increase the limit of your body to handle the stress.

Yoga Philosophy

Eastern yoga philosophy is known for its simplicity and deep meaning engulfed in the simplest way of life. You come across the concept of energy, soul, higher being, and a Universal Life-Force. Thus, it helps you expand your consciousness.

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Human Physiology

Knowing your body is very essential when it comes to having a deep bond with it. You learn about the body mechanisms, working of joint muscles, and the range of motion of the muscles. Thus, you learn about body placement and alignment for better form while practicing yoga asanas.

Teacher Methodology

When you join the yoga teacher certification course, you not only learn how to practice various elements of yoga but also learn how to teach others. You go through various teaching methodologies to propel the newly attained yogic knowledge.

Meditation Techniques

While the physical dimension is important, however, the key to happy and easy-going life is your mental health. Meditation is a yogic practice that helps you get in touch with your inner being, and solve all your mental confusion.


Breathing is one of the most important aspects that you need to look out for. Apart from sustaining your being, breath is the life-force to help you cool down your mind and body. Moreover, breathing helps you become mindful rather than getting entangled with your thoughts.


It is a cleansing technique that you learn in a yoga teacher certification course. When you practice shatkarmas, you detox your body physically, mentally, and spiritually. Thus, you have a clear mind and soul for better living.


Yoga teacher certification teaches you various yoga mudras, also known as Bandhas, that teaches you about all the significant pressure points of your body. Many ailments can be healed by forming hand signs that come under Bandhas and put a healthy turn in your life.

Off Mat Activities

Since yogic practices are important to level up your current yoga state. However, that doesn’t mean that all you do in your yoga teacher certification course is to practice yoga and yoga alone. It is how you spend your time once you are done with your yoga practice that matters the most.

Yoga teacher certification provides you a wide variety of activities that help you stay in the aura of yoga rather than letting your attention gets diverted anywhere else.

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Nature Excursions

When your yoga practice is over for the day, you have occasional visits to nearby places. It helps you to get in touch with the souls surrounding you. Moreover, you get to know the culture, customs, and traditions of the people that are different from your livelihood.

Embracing Nature
The yoga teacher certification course takes you in the lap of nature, where you are tuned to the natural frequency. It helps you by repairing your disturbed sleep cycles, mental balance, and help you by putting them to the default settings.

Refilling Energy
Energy is the currency of your soul and body. You cannot function properly or efficiently if you have lower energy levels. When you spend your time in nature and amid like-minded people, you feel connected, which automatically enriches you with a fresh supply of energy.

Spiritual Awakening
Spiritual energy travels from your lowest energy center located in your sacrum to the highest energy point in your crown. Yoga teacher certification gives you a way to raise your spiritual energy, and help you attain saintly patience, calm, and serenity.

There is so much more than you can imagine that you gain when you join a yoga teacher certification course. You experience a surge in your yoga knowledge, an improved physique, a calm mind, and an ever-present mental peace.

You witness improvement not just in your yoga level but overall growth in every aspect of your life.

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Q1) How long does it take to get yoga teacher certification to teach yoga?

Ans: The average amount of time to get certification in a 200 hour yoga course is three to five months and for a 500 hour yoga course it takes approximately six months. It all depends on how fast you grasp the concept of the course.

Q2) Is becoming a certified yoga teacher worth it?

Ans: By all means, it is worth it. If you are looking for a way to expand your yogic knowledge or open a yoga school of your own one day, then yes, every minute of getting trained is worth it.

Q3) Where should I look to book my first yoga teacher training course?

Ans) Booking your first yoga teacher training is a cakewalk if you just Google Svadhyaya Kosha. Simply go to the website. On the home page in the upper right corner, click on the Enroll Now option. You just need to fill out a few simple details and bingo! You are ready to become not just the best but a certified yoga teacher!

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