What is Jivamukti Yoga? A Complete Guide For You

Jivamukti Yoga

Do you wonder that your yoga practice is limited to yoga poses, meditation, or pranayama? Are you craving to explore more in the field of yoga? If so, you should shift to the practice of Jivamukti yoga. Jivamukti yoga is one of the finest forms of yoga that helps you experience something new every day.

With that said, let’s learn a bit more about Jivamukti yoga before moving on to its benefits. Moreover, learn about 5 tenets of Jivamukti yoga. Make sure you don’t miss out on why Rishikesh, India should be your yoga destination to practice the Jivamukti yoga. Read on.

Jivamukti Yoga: A Brief Introduction

The teachings of Jivamukti yoga aim towards enlightenment by having compassion for every being around you. David Lee & Sharon founded the practice of Jivamukti yoga for those who dare to change or want to experience a change in their life.

Moreover, Jivamukti yoga presented the age-old ancient yoga practice in contemporary times. Therefore, its practice stimulates you physically and intellectually.

Jivamukti is combined of two Sanskrit words, ‘Jiva’ & ‘Mukti’ which means individual soul and liberation respectively. Liberation signifies freedom from the continuous cycle of life and death. The aim is to be free while living the life you want.

Hence, Jivamukti yoga inculcates the practice of physical asana along with meditation, pranayama, music, and yoga philosophy. You learn every element in the context of the other without losing the perfect flow.

5 Tenets of Jivamukti Yoga


The study of ancient yogic texts comes under the scope of Shastra. Some of the highly significant yogic texts are the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali, the Bhagavad Gita, the Upanishads, and the Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

More than learning and understanding the texts, equal emphasis is paid to the Sanskrit language. Therefore, you explore a completely new dimension of language and its significance in your practice of Jivamukti yoga.



The art of ‘devotion to God’ is what you learn in another tenet of Jivamukti yoga. This further teaches you humility and how to sustain humility in your life. The aim is to have a strong connection with God.

However, the form of your God or the direction of your devotion does not matter. What matters is that you believe with all your heart. Furthermore, Bhakti teaches you to choose and believe in a higher power, a divine source of limitless power.


Non-violence or non-harming is the practice that you religiously follow in Ahimsa. Ahimsa has a strong base in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali as it is one of the five Yamas given in the text. The practice of Ahimsa is not just limited to other human beings but also extends to animals.

In short, you are expected to live a vegetarian life. Hence, you should not harm or kill any other being and consume it. While practicing this tenet of Jivamukti yoga, you work towards the development of yourself and the planet that you inhabit.


In other words, Nada is also written as ‘naad’. It closely resembles the universal sound of ‘AUM’. Hence, Nada deals with the inner chanting of mantras, music, and any form of vibrations that constitute your Jivamukti yoga.

The fundamental concept around which the tenet of Nada revolves is that every living entity has a sound or vibration. Even the solid things are moving at a certain frequency when observed under a microscopic level.


connection with inner being

Meditation or Dhyana is one of the most crucial tenets of Jivamukti yoga. This includes the art of being still, relaxed, composed, and observe your mind’s thoughts. The practice of meditation is there to enable you to break all your connections with this world.

In short, you should never indulge with your thoughts. Rather, the practice of meditation teaches you how to be observant rather than a participant. Hence, this tenet of Jivamukti yoga is there to make you realize that you are above and beyond what you think.

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Jivamukti yoga is an extensive practice that has numerous benefits. Since this yoga form is a blend of various other yoga forms, the benefits that it offers are uncountable. Have a quick glimpse of them to enhance your understanding.

Top Reasons to Practice Jivamukti Yoga

Diversity of Classes

Unlike other forms of yoga, Jivamukti yoga offers plenty of yoga classes. You get to choose from basic, open class, and spiritual warrior class.

The basic class is for a newbie yoga practitioner that is 4 weeks long. It helps you clear all the basics of Jivamukti yoga. On the other hand, a person having a shortage of time can enroll in a spiritual warrior class.

Spiritual warrior class runs for an hour and therefore, is perfect to practice Jivamukti yoga within a certain time limit. The open class teaches you the five tenets of Jivamukti yoga that go on for 90 minutes per session.

Richness of Practice

Looking for a change? If so, Jivamukti yoga is going to enhance your yoga experience. You get to choose any scripture that you can demonstrate via chanting. Even if you are new to chanting, you get enough support and time to learn it.

Thus, you practice yoga in a room full of people who helps you become comfortable with the chanting of mantras or scriptures. Therefore, this helps you immerse in the music that raises your vibrations.


The authenticity of a yoga form signifies a lot about it. Founders of Jivamukti yoga, David and Sharon, work extra hard to maintain the authenticity of Jivamukti yoga. Every month, the founders change their ‘focus of the month’ motto.

This shows that every month a new sense of energy is released when there is a shift in the focus of Jivamukti yoga. Hence, it is another reason to practice Jivamukti yoga if you want something new to practice now and then.

Perfectly Balanced

It might not justify the true nature of Jivamukti yoga to call it an easy yoga practice. Starting with a chanting session, the class move on to a warm-up session. Once that is over, the class shifts to an energetic flow of asanas.

The Jivamukti yoga asanas are lesser rigid than Ashtanga yoga poses, however, more structured than other forms of yoga. Hence, it offers a balanced practice of yoga with a blend of various forms of yogic elements.

Flowing Along With the Music

Have you ever thought that music can be an important part of your yoga practice? That is one of the best reasons why you should practice Jivamukti yoga. The founders of Jivamukti yoga were artists and musicians.

Every Jivamukti yoga class initiates with energetic and soulful music. You might not get to experience the same in any other yoga class. Moreover, moving along with the music makes your movements energetic and inflow with other poses.

Emphasis on Trying

One of the most significant reasons why you should practice Jivamukti yoga is that you are encouraged to try again and again. An open Jivamukti class consists of Elbow Stand and other inverted yoga postures.

Moreover, various warm-up yoga poses aim to prepare your body to perfectly practice the Elbow Stand. Hence, you are encouraged to try and jump into practicing the pose. Some might even over-extend their shoulders. However, that is not an issue since you get instructions from your yoga teacher.

Massages on the Way

The founders practiced Ashtanga yoga under the great yoga practitioner Pattabhi Jois. Therefore, they got influenced by their master who was into physical adjustments. Every Jivamukti yoga class consists of body massages and physical adjustments.

Beginner yoga practitioners might not be familiar with this sight. However, trainers carry aromatic oils to give practitioners massage on their shoulders, head, and neck. More than that, they help you adjust your body so that you stay in a perfect form.

Different Sort of Practice

David and Sharon have completely revolutionized the western world when it comes to yoga practice. They shifted it from a physical practice to a spiritual and mental journey. Moreover, it presented the art of yoga compassionately and holistically.

Also, the Jivamukti yoga classes offer a soulful refuge to people seeking something different in their life. It teaches humility, spirituality, and a sense of connection to mother nature. So, it offers a different sort of practice that might seem obscure or vague in contemporary times.

Experiencing the Truth

The modern world has turned its eyes and ears to the lifelong truth. They mercilessly killed animals, polluted all resources, and take everything for granted. However, Jivamukti practice talks about nurturing nature.

The founders of the Jivamukti yoga talked about veganism and environmentalism. Moreover, Sharon even shared tasty delicacies that could be prepared without using any animal products. Hence, Jivamukti represented the universal truth in front of the people who were taking it for granted.

The above-mentioned were some of the reasons that might convince you to practice yoga. However, once you start going to the class, surely you are going to explore much more than that.

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One of the most asked questions that everyone asks is where should they go to practice Jivamukti. Which yoga destination should they go with to have the best yoga experience? Well, if you are searching for the same, make sure you check out the following points.

Why Rishikesh, India is a Perfect Jivamukti Yoga Destination?

jivamukti yoga Rishikesh

Whether a newbie or experienced, every yoga practitioner knows the significance of India in yoga practice, especially Rishikesh. Thus, to put more light on why you should head to Rishikesh, India, read the following points.

Authentic Yoga Knowledge

India is a place of its kind. Rishikesh gave birth to diverse yoga forms. Even though Jivamukti might not be one of them. However, its base is Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga that originated in Rishikesh, India.

So, learning the basics in Rishikesh, India is going to enhance your yoga knowledge. Moreover, mastering the basic yoga forms means you are going to understand the Jivamukti from a great closeness.

Learned Yoga Masters

saint meditation

Rishikesh, India is a hub for yoga practitioners from across the globe. The presence of learned yoga masters is one of the many reasons for such an attraction. Venerable yoga masters have lived in Rishikesh, India.

Therefore, you get access to the books or yoga scrolls venerable yoga masters left behind. It enriches your knowledge by delivering authentic and truthful knowledge. Hence, it is truly an eye-opening place if you want to practice Jivamukti yoga.

Close to Nature

close to nature

Nature has a major role in Jivamukti practice. Even the founders talk about the importance of eating vegetarian food that is coming directly from nature. So, why not head to a place that is located in the lap of nature.

Rishikesh has mountains, the river Ganges, forest area, valleys, caves, and whatnot. Therefore, it justifies its role of being a perfect yoga destination for Jivamukti practitioners. Not just that, who knows you might meet the great Himalayan yogis on one of your visits.

Spiritually Abundant Place

Energy speaks a lot about a person or a place. Ever wondered why you feel so disconnected or lost in a crowded place? Or, why do you feel calm and connected once you get in touch with nature? That is because of the exchange of energies between you and your surrounding.

Rishikesh has witnessed thousands of yoga practitioners who have dedicated years to the mastery of yoga. Some succeeded while some did not. However, their pure energies are still eminent in Rishikesh. The place where one of the most mysterious yogi Shiva practiced yoga is accessible to you.

Thus, India is indeed one of the best places that offer you a great insight into the world of yoga. So, make sure you head on to this mesmerizing place once in your life to experience the true nature of yoga.

Wrap Up

Jivamukti yoga has surely transformed the world of yoga in western countries. It gave a new life and a sense of connection to people who have gone astray in their lives. Therefore, you should make it a part of your life if you want to experience truthful yoga. Over time, you are going to live a healthy, harmonious, and peaceful life when you make Jivamukti yoga a part of your life.

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