Beginner’s Guide to Kumbhaka Pranayama

kumbhak pranayama

The art of yoga consists of physical asanas along with breathing exercises. You might become a master of the physical asanas. However, without mastery over the breathing exercises, you won’t be progressing any further. Therefore, you should practice various Pranayama exercises. So, your focus should shift towards Kumbhaka Pranayama.

There are numerous benefits of Kumbhaka Pranayama that a practitioner enjoys when he or she makes it a part of his or her routine. Let us have a look at what is Kumbhaka Pranayama and how to practice it. Then, you can check out the benefits of practicing the Kumbhaka Pranayama. Read on.

What is Kumbhaka Pranayama?

The word Kumbhaka comes from a Sanskrit word that roughly translates to pot. It is used as a metaphor that signifies the human body like a pot to carry air.

Moreover, Kumbhaka Pranayama has further two types, that is, Antara & Bahya. The former stands for interior whereas the latter denotes the outer. Also, Kumbhaka Pranayama practices breath retention in which both types of Kumbhaka Pranayama are used abundantly.

Antara is used while inhaling whereas Bahya is used while exhaling. Hence, the art of Kumbhaka yoga helps you become a master of your breathing without any hassle.

With that said, let us have a look at some of the easiest steps to practice the Kumbhaka Pranayama. Go through them to ensure you practice this art of breathing perfectly and without any issue. Read on.

Easy Steps to Practice Kumbhaka Pranayama

The practice of Kumbhaka Pranayama has various types. One of the most basic is 1-1-2. Once you master this, you move to 1-2-2, then 1-3-4, and so on.

1-1-2 means you will breathe in for 5 seconds, hold the breath for 5 seconds, and exhale for 10 seconds.

  • Sit in either an Easy pose or on a chair. The aim is to practice this breathing exercise with perfection.
    Once you become comfortable at breathing in and out through your nostrils, breathe into your stomach.
    Count up to five. You can either count in your mind or use your fingers to count the number.
    Once you have sucked in all the air, use your thumb and ring finger to hold the air in.
    Count for 5 while pressing your chin into your chest.
    When you exhale, look up while breathing out for at least 10 counts.
    This is what is called 1-1-2.

Have a look at how practicing the Kumbhaka Pranayama is going to benefit you.

Benefits of Practicing Kumbhaka Pranayama

1. The regular practice of Kumbhaka Pranayama makes your diaphragm stronger.
2. When you inhale and hold the air in, it increases the lung’s capacity.
3. Kumbhaka Pranayama is beneficial in cleansing the air passage.
4. Moreover, the practice of Kumbhaka Pranayama clears dead or stale air from your body.
5. This breathing exercise is helpful in the removal of excess carbon dioxide from your interior.
6. The regular practice of Kumbhaka Pranayama activates the respiratory system in your brain.
7. Breathing in and holding increases the amount of oxygen in your blood.
8. Your concentration and mental agility improve over time.
9. The mind learns to focus on the flow of energy to the vital organs when you yearn to breathe in or out.
10. Stress and anxiety leave your body when you breathe out for a long time.
11. There is lesser strain or pressure on your circulatory system.
12. Your mind breathes in new thoughts and ideas when you breathe in the fresh air.
13. It calms your mind and helps you prepare for deeper meditation practice.
14. This cures any blockage in your body or respiratory path.
15. Moreover, the practice of the Kumbhaka Pranayama heals all the issues related to breathing.

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Sum Up

As you can see, Kumbhaka Pranayama helps you in so many ways. However, the key is to practice this Pranayama in the best possible way. Therefore, you should enroll in a registered yoga school to learn it from yoga masters.

When you learn, get all your confusions or questions answered so that nothing remains in your mind. Over time, you are going to become a master. This helps you harness the power and have full control over your mind and body.