RYT 200: An All-Inclusive Guide for Beginners

RYT 200: An All-Inclusive Guide for Beginners

RYT 200- Are you willing to start your yogic journey? Did feeling stick on how to begin it? Relax! RYT 200 is a perfect go-to option for you. It becomes utterly important for beginners to enroll in a yoga program that nourishes them right from the very beginning. No matter whether you are totally blank, you never feel starting from a mid-way in RYT 200.

What is RYT 200?
It is a beginners’ yoga course to help you kick-start your yogic journey. RYT 200 is a blend of teaching methodology, body alignment, positioning, and yogic practices to walk you through the experience of yogic life. You spend 200 hours in a yoga teacher training program registered with Yoga Alliance, USA.

What is Yoga Alliance, USA?

It is a non-profit organization that overlooks the international standards of yoga, its practice, and its propulsion. The schools registered with Yoga Alliance, USA enjoys the perks of being a member of the yoga alliance that places the yoga school and its students as a trust-worthy platform to learn yoga.

What is Yoga Alliance

Further, it provides you with online directories of ancient yogic knowledge, so that, you can have a better understanding of various concepts of yoga, yoga poses, deep meditation practices, various dimensions of the human body, cleansing techniques, and so much more.

Thing You Learn in RYT 200

Yoga Alignment & Adjustment
Teaching Methodology
Yoga Philosophy
Anatomy & Physiology
Ashtanga Vinyasa
Hatha Yoga
Kundalini Yoga
Mantra Chanting

Things To Expect in RYT 200

Before enrolling in an RYT 200, there are many things that you need to consider, so that, you have a profound yogic experience. Scroll down to get acquainted with things that you need to look out for:

Peaceful Atmosphere
What you observe or perceive in your life reflects onto you. Silence facilitates you to sit peacefully with yourself and get in touch with your senses. Therefore, before joining a yoga school, have a check on the location of the school. A calm and serene location has a gentle and therapeutic effect on you and your yoga course.

Yoga Alliance Certification

In today’s world, a certification signifies that you have undergone a sheer hard work and dedication to complete your RYT 200. Moreover, you get a platform that facilitates you to reach a wider audience more easily, and much faster. Also, not just any certification but Yoga Alliance, USA must be the one under whom you should get your yoga course done.

Yoga Instructors

Not everyone you come across can be a great yoga teacher even if he or she has been practicing yoga for a long period. Thus, it becomes a dire need to train under experienced and certified yoga teachers that have years of yogic knowledge and helped transformed hundreds if not thousands of yoga aspirants.

Types of Yoga

Types of Yoga Courses in Rishikesh

What’s the use of joining a yoga school if it doesn’t let you practice a form of yoga according to your goal in mind? Thus, before enrolling in RYT 200, have intensive research about the types of yoga you can learn. Therefore, you can work directly upon the dimensions that need the utmost care.


Every yoga school needs to provide yoga material, so that, you can have an easy yogic journey. It includes yoga books, ancient manuscripts, props like yoga blankets, blocks, straps, and much more. Moreover, you also enjoy the perks of being a member of the yoga alliance and get access to online directories of learning material.

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Reason To Enroll in RYT 200

Reason To Enroll in RYT 200

1. Stress Flush-Out
Stress slowly eats you from within, ruffles up your peace of mind, and leaves you all exhausted. When you join RYT 200, you witness stress flushing out of your life when you practice various yogic practices. Stress leads to anxiety and a feeling of helplessness. Therefore, it becomes utterly important to remove it from your mind and body.

2. Enhancing Strength & Flexibility
Strength and flexibility go hand in hand once you have a consistent yoga practice in your life. You don’t have to sacrifice one for the sake of the other, rather, you have strong muscles with a full range of motion of the muscles.

3. Balancing Energy
Energy plays a crucial role in how good your health can be, be it mental, physical, or spiritual health. RYT 200 includes various techniques to balance out your energy, so that, you have a strong body and fit mind.

4. Better Insight
Insight is way too important to reflect on your inner and outside working that enables growth in every phase. You get the opportunity to observe your reactions or responses when you practice deeper meditation practices in RYT 200.

5. New Perspective
A similar kind of behavior places your mental activity in a circle, always using the same neuron pathways. When you reflect and change your thinking and behavioral pattern accordingly, you gain a new perspective to deal with situations emerging in your life.

6. Yogic Life
Although not everyone has the luxury of leaving everything aside to live like a monk, however, through RYT 200, you get a chance to experience yogic life and to live a simple and meaningful life. Moreover, you get to know the merits of good eating and living habits.

Wrap UP
Enrolling in an RYT 200 can be a great decision that can change your life. Apart from giving a push to your yogic journey, you learn minute details or changes that can be implemented in your daily life to enrich you with health, happiness, and clarity of mind.

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Q1) What is the difference between RYT and E-RYT?

Ans: RYT stands for Registered Yoga Teacher whereas E-RYT stands for Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher. This means that the teacher has some amount of experience or post-graduate hours in yoga teaching hours, i.e. 1000 hours of teaching yoga.

Q2) What does it mean to be an RYT-200?

Ans: To be an RYT-200 means that you have successfully completed your training of teaching hours in a 200-hour yoga teacher training course and that now you are a registered yoga teacher in a 200-hour course.

Q3) Can yoga teacher training certification be renewed?

Ans) Of course! After completion of the basic 200-hour yoga teacher training, you can upgrade to the 500-hour yoga teacher training course. You develop the confidence and skills to not just advance your own yoga practice but also help others realize their true potential with yoga.

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