RYT 500 – Advanced Yoga Teacher Training in India

RYT 500

RYT 500- Congratulations on completing the 200-Hour and 300-Hour RYT programs! If you want to move ahead and gain an in-depth understanding of yoga, choose the RYT 500 course. The 500 hour yoga teacher training is in demand as you dive deeper into the yoga philosophy, anatomy, and chakra system. However, all this comes into play once you have successfully completed  300 hour or 200 hour yoga teacher training course.

As a student of the 500 hour YTT course, you have a chance to understand yoga beyond its physical aspects. What you get in this course are yoga learning from top-level yoga instructors. Moreover, you get in-depth knowledge of yoga and practical support in performing every yoga pose with ease. You might be a bit skeptical about choosing the RYT-500 course to become a certified yoga teacher. Read further to know what makes this course different from others.

RYT 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training – In Brief

RYT 500 is a two months intensive course. It helps you understand not just the physical but also the mental and spiritual aspects of yoga. You get the opportunity to learn everything about yoga including anatomy, different asanas, and body alignment among other topics.

RYT 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

With that said, given below is a breakdown of the RYT 500 course.

The RYT 500 Syllabus

1. Yoga Philosophy

Introduction to origin and philosophy of yoga

Lessons on different paths of yoga

Introduction to Yoga Sutras

Lessons on Eight limbs of yoga

Introduction to obstacles in yoga

2. Yoga Anatomy and Philosophy

Introduction to joints and range of motion

Introduction to postural imbalance

Lessons on the central nervous and endocrine system

Lessons on the physiology of meditation and Pranayama

Introduction to common yoga injuries

3. Yoga Mantra

Introduction to yoga mantras including Guru, Gayatri, and Shanti Mantra among others.

4. Yoga Practicum

Introduction to Yoga teaching techniques in RYT 500

Lessons on Sun salutations and their variations

In-depth lessons on assisting during a yoga class

Introduction on how to give and receive feedback

Classes on core practices of yoga asanas

5. Yoga Mudra Practice

The concept of Mudras is a combination of physical hand gestures that positively influences your mind and the pranic body.

Understanding of different yoga mudras like Prana, Yoga, Ashwani, and Apana Mudra among others.

However, that is not all the RYT 500 course offers you. Given below are three major benefits of this course.

Benefits of RYT 500

Benefits of RYT 500

The RYT 500 course helps you become a certified yoga teacher and acquire the skills to teach this sacred art to others.

1. Deeper Self-Awareness

The RYT 500 program allows you to be a witness to the thoughts and feelings in your mind instead of being a judge. Thus, this course gives you the chance to practice yoga beyond its physical aspect and dive deeper into its mental and spiritual aspects. In short, it helps you deepen a personal yoga practice.

2. Chance to Explore Subtle Body

If you think that becoming a certified yoga teacher is just about teaching yoga asanas, think again. The 500-hour yoga teacher training helps you dive deeper into the yogic lifestyle. Moreover, regular sessions on Sanskrit mantras, the practice of Pranayama techniques, and Koshas help you unlock your true potential.

3. Unlock Kundalini Energy

The RYT 500 includes lessons on the Kundalini style of yoga. Furthermore, this form of yoga is done to unlock the serpent energy lying dormant at the base of your spine. Hence, you learn to control the sacred Prana energy and move it from the bottom chakra to the crown of your head.


Do you want to become the best yoga teacher? Enrolling in the Registered Yoga Teacher Training 500 course will provide you the skills and techniques to learn yoga from physical practice to its spiritual benefits. In other words, you come out of the program fully equipped to teach this sacred art to others.

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Q1) How much does a yoga instructor make?

Ans. The earnings of a certified yoga instructor are subjective. Further, it also depends on what yoga certification a person has completed. Hence, people who are RYT 500 earn more in comparison to RYT 200 or RYT 300.

Q2) What is the highest yoga certification?

Ans. RYT 500 is the highest yoga certification in which you can enroll to become a certified yoga instructor. Moreover, it teaches you about every element of yoga in great detail.

Q3) Can you make a living as a yoga instructor?

Ans. Yes! Many people turn their passion for yoga into a full-time career. For that, all you need is to enroll in a certified yoga teacher training course and complete it. Thus, once completed, you can apply for a yoga instructor job and start earning. However, make sure you keep updating your yoga knowledge over time.