Sound Healing: A Beginner’s Guide For Better Health

Sound Healing

Do you know music has healing effects on your mind and body? That’s right! However, it depends on what type of music you listen to. In yoga, the presence of sound healing music is always up to serve you. However, you must be aware of the different sound healing techniques.

The world of sound healing is vast. Some use various tools whereas some spend time in nature to heal. Whatever you choose, the idea behind sound healing works the same. So, make sure you first get familiar with the fundamentals of sound healing. Then, check out the different methods of sound healing techniques. Read on.

Sound Healing: Fundamentals For Beginners

The human mind works through the use of electrical signals. These signals travel from one neuron to the other and ensure your body works efficiently. However, some complications or hindrances in your head could result in the delay of message transmission.

In that case, sound healing helps you the best. Using various kinds of sounds improve the connection between different neurons. Moreover, sound healing tracks calm your mind and soothe your senses.

So, with regular sound healing practice, your body restores to natural cycles. In short, you walk the peaceful path that makes your life harmonious.

Different Methods of Sound Healing


This is the Universal sound. In Hindu mythology, the Adi Yogi, Lord Shiva was believed to chant OM mantras. However, as per Quantum Physics, the Universe around us vibrates at AUM sound healing frequency.

This is one of the most practiced and highly effective sound healing techniques. The vibrations from this sound healing technique calm your mind and bring you to the present moment. In short, you must inculcate this in your yoga practice routine.

Mantra Chanting

Mantras are phrases and sentences that have deeper significance and meanings attached to them. Moreover, mantra chanting has a flow and rhythm. Hence, when you chant mantras, they have a positive impact on your mind.

It is one of the highly useful sound healing techniques for beginners. Because of the presence of this technique, sometimes, yoga is thought to be a religious practice.


Affirmations consist of specific words or phrases that have a positive effect on your mind. They are used to channel your thoughts and energy. Moreover, practicing affirmations help reprogram your subconscious mind.

Hence, affirmations are a highly effective sound healing technique. Just make sure you have a clear intention and visualization before practicing this.

Binaural Beats

When sound healing meets music, you get binaural beats. These help in restructuring your unconscious and removing stress & fatigue from your mind and body.

Furthermore, using binaural beats improves your concentration, focus, mental balance, emotional outrage, and hormones. Therefore, it is one of the most effective sound healing techniques you should be practicing.

Singing Bowls

Chinese singing bowls are used to clean your chakras and energy points. They enhance the flow of energy through your body. Moreover, cleansing the chakras helps you have a spiritual awakening over time.

In short, singing bowls help you calm down along with releasing the burden from your psyche. Furthermore, singing bowls improves your intention, vision, and perception of life around you.

Benefits of Sound Healing

Incorporating numerous sound healing techniques in your life have tremendous benefit for beginners as well as experienced yoga practitioners. Check them out.

Mental Stability

Sound healing techniques offer you mental stability and lightness. Moreover, with regular practice, you become aware of what mends your mental mechanisms. Hence, you prepare yourself beforehand rather than get frustrated.

Better Intuition

Your intuition and sense of perception improve over time. This helps you think through things rather than letting them distract your mind. In short, having stronger intuition encourages you to stay positive and strong through different situations.

Calm Senses

You stay calm no matter what situation you are going through. Moreover, inculcating sound healing in your routine soothe your senses. This encourages you to stay positive and loyal to yourself.

Deeper Observation

With mist over your senses, you never know how to think clearly. Sound healing improves the observation skills that help you move through your life skillfully and patiently.

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Wrap Up

As you can see, sound healing is one of the most effective and useful techniques of yoga. This has tangible results right from day one. So, you should incorporate it into your life to have better overall health.