best yoga schools in India

Top 5 Best Yoga Schools in India

Yoga has transitioned from an ancient art into a global phenomenon. This sacred art originated in India 5000 years ago. Various ancient scriptures claim that Lord Shiva was the original yogi who taught this art to his wife, Goddess Parvati who was also his first disciple. If you want to understand everything about this sacred art, enroll in one of the certified yoga schools in India. You might ask – Why India? As stated above, India has had a long […]

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Why Join A Registered Yoga School

Why Join A Registered Yoga School?

In this world of quick thrills and push-button pleasures, we are all accustomed to looking outside for happiness and contentment. What if you were told that real happiness comes from within you and not the outside? You would be surprised and the next question you would ask is a big HOW. Yoga can help you dive deeper into your true self and bring about a unity of mind, body, and spirit. you should join a yoga school to experience the […]

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