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Yoga Practice With Yoga Teacher Training

Level Up Your Yoga Practice With Yoga Teacher Training

Practicing yoga for a while makes you realize that there comes a time when you have to level up your practice. Therefore, you need to increase the intensity or need to incorporate complex yoga poses into your routine. Whatever is your approach, the fact is to enhance your practice. While you have other options as well, you can also join a yoga school to learn and practice yoga with under-skilled and certified yoga teachers. You could be having a lot […]

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Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training- An All-inclusive Guide on What, Where, and Why!

With the demand for yoga escalating day-by-day, yoga teacher training schools began to crop up everywhere around the world. However, choosing the right school and program is a must. So, if you have made the decision to start your yoga journey or take your yoga experience to the whole new level, then having a walk of the points listed in the post will help you in a big way. Let’s get started! Whether you want to become a yoga teacher […]

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become a yoga instructor

How to Become a Yoga Instructor: An All-Inclusive Guide

So you have decided to become a yoga instructor! In the first place, becoming a certified yoga instructor can seem like a daunting task, but it isn’t. If truth be told, it can be an amazing experience for you to become a yoga instructor in your life. Before you hand over your credit card and design your business card, it is better to understand what it takes to get yoga certification and become a yoga instructor. Here is our step-by-step […]

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yoga teacher training

Tips to Choose the Right Yoga Teacher Training Program

If you have decided to go through a yoga teacher training program, then choosing from so many options can be a cumbersome task, especially if you are new to yoga. This post is formed to help those yoga enthusiasts who are looking to find the right place for doing a YTT course. How to Choose a Yoga Teacher Training Program? There are certain key points a student should keep in mind before choosing a YTT course. Let’s make you familiar […]

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