Yoga Teacher Certification in India: The Complete Guide

The Complete Guide To Yoga Teacher Certification

Yoga Teacher Certification- Do you plan to earn a yoga teacher certification in India and master this sacred art? Chances are you already have a fair idea about the different forms of yoga. However, you might want to expand this knowledge to an advanced level. The skills and confidence that you get after completing the certification in a registered yoga school in India enable you to help others on this journey to self-realization.

You should know that choosing any style of yoga is similar to choosing a degree after you finish high school. Moreover, there is an equal chance you might choose an easier course or one that captures your attention. But it is a bit hard and completely new to you. One thing you should know is that most yoga schools in India offering yoga teacher training comes under the umbrella of Yoga Alliance.

If you are not familiar with Yoga Alliance then read the information given below.  It will give you complete information on what exactly is Yoga Alliance and how earning a yoga teacher certification from a yoga school in India can help advance your career as a certified yoga teacher.

Yoga Teacher Certification in India – All About Yoga Alliance

Yoga Alliance is a non-profit organization working to spread the complete knowledge of yoga around the world. With 7,000 active Registered Yoga Schools (RYS) and 100,000 Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT), Yoga Alliance ensures you get complete knowledge of yoga from a registered yoga teacher or school.

Yoga Teacher Certification

It is the main organization ensuring that each yoga teacher undergoes proper training and knows the right techniques to teach others. Further, the Yoga Alliance is the final authority when it comes to handling matters related to yoga teacher training.

Earning a yoga teacher certification from the Yoga Alliance opens up a world of opportunities for you as a yoga teacher. Let us now understand how exactly does getting a Yoga Alliance certification from a yoga school in India helps;

1. Chance to Become Part of the Yoga Community

yoga community

If you have completed the yoga teacher training from a yoga school in India then you are well aware of the yoga community. India is a welcoming place for everyone. Moreover, at yoga schools in India, you avail yourself of the opportunity of a lifetime to connect with like-minded individuals. Hence, you get access to the latest information on everything about Yoga.

2. Access to various Yoga Events

yoga event

Getting a yoga teacher training certificate from a yoga school in India that is registered with Yoga Alliance opens up an opportunity for you to be part of different yoga events and workshops. Therefore, you get the opportunity to experience the best of the yoga community.

3. Proper Standard and Credentials

Earning a yoga teacher certification from a yoga school in India that is registered with Yoga Alliance is not a cakewalk. The Yoga Alliance ensures that whoever yearns to become a certified yoga teacher clears the necessary credentials. Thus, you have to follow all the standards. It ensures there are only genuine yoga teachers with the right information and techniques.

4. Access to Yoga Alliance Member’s Directory

The Yoga Alliance has its own directory containing details of all the Registered Yoga Schools and Registered Yoga Teachers. Moreover, the yoga teacher training makes it easier for you to connect with both of these. Further, it helps you advance your current knowledge of yoga from a beginner to an advanced level.

Before we move further towards knowing the different yoga certification levels, let us first understand the various yoga styles.

Different Yoga Styles in Yoga Teacher Training

Before we dive deeper into how exactly a yoga teacher certification helps you on this journey, let us understand the different yoga styles you can master.

1. Vinyasa Flow


The word Vinyasa means to arrange something in a specific manner. Vinyasa flow is a popular and modern style of yoga. Moreover, it combines body movement with breathing and includes practicing sequences by transitioning from one asana to another in a smooth flow. Vinyasa includes asanas as Natrajasana or the three-legged pose.

2. Jivamukti


The Jivamukti, based on Ashtanga yoga is a US-based style of yoga combining different elements like meditation, chanting, and music. You can earn a yoga teacher certification in this particular style if you are a fan of Ashtanga yoga.

3. Iyengar


Similar to Hatha Yoga, Iyengar yoga includes precise and slow asana postures held for an extended period of time. You can utilize props as blocks, bolsters, and straps to practice each asana with ease. Make sure to focus on performing each asana with precision by aligning the muscular and skeletal systems.

4. Ashtanga


Ashtanga is the most sought-after style of yoga in the west due to its benefits similar to a workout. It was popularized by Pattabhi Jois who learned this art under Swami Krishnamacharya in Mysore, India. Learning to connect breathing with Ashtanga yoga poses is an essential part of the Ashtanga yoga teacher certification.

5. Hatha

hatha yoga teacher training

Hatha Yoga teacher training includes learning to balance the body and mind. Furthermore, the Ha represents solar energy while the Tha represents lunar energy. The practice of Hatha Yoga includes asanas, breathing, mudras, shatkriyas, and shatkarmas along with visualization exercises.

Hatha Yoga is the point of origin for other styles of yoga-like vinyasa, ashtanga, and hot yoga among others. You practice different asanas but at a slow and steady pace.

6. Kundalini

kundalini yoga certification

If you want to dive a bit deeper into spirituality and also earn a yoga teacher certification then Kundalini Yoga is for you. The primary goal of every Kundalini yoga pose is to unlock all seven energy chakras of the human body.

Your practice of Kundalini starts with activating the energy for the chakra at the base of the spine and then spread it to the whole body through the other six chakras. A normal routine of Kundalini yoga includes pranayama, asanas, meditation, and chanting.

You might be inclined to think that yoga teacher training is not that important for you to become a certified yoga teacher. The yoga teacher certification does a lot more apart from making you an experienced and knowledgeable yoga instructor.

With that said, it is time we find out the benefits that yoga teacher training offers.

Benefits of Yoga Teacher Training

Let us know how choosing a yoga teacher training program helps you become the best version of yourself.

1. Connect with the Spiritual Self

Yoga goes much beyond the physical practice of asanas. Under the watchful eye of an experienced yoga teacher, you get the opportunity to develop spiritual practices. With regular meditation, chanting of mantras, and in-depth study of Yoga Sutras, you are able to connect with the spiritual self.

2. Boosts Confidence and Form Lasting Relationships

Making mistakes is part of learning something new. That is how you evolve in yoga practice. You will face difficulties while practicing specific yoga postures. The mistakes and difficulties help you develop a tough mindset to face everyday life with more positivity. With a yoga teacher certification, you have the chance to meet like-minded people and form long-lasting relationships.

3. Best Opportunity to Know the ‘Self’

Yoga, therefore, is not just another exercise regimen but an experience in itself. Also, yoga teacher training helps you develop body awareness and keep the mind calm. You become more self-aware after controlling the body and mind. In other words, yoga helps you become more comfortable in your skin and develop self-love.

4. Advance the Yogic Practices

If you are already into practicing yoga, then a yoga teacher certification helps deepen the practice. It offers the tools to help you increase focus and concentration using different breathing techniques. Moreover, you get to learn new ways of doing an asana with ease. The knowledge about right body alignment minimizes the chances of an injury.

5. Chance to Become a Certified Teacher

Yoga teacher training is the best way to deepen your personal practice and become a qualified yoga instructor. You get the opportunity to learn in-depth about yoga methodology, practice all the right asanas, and understand the philosophy behind each yoga posture.

However, knowing different styles of yoga is one thing, and teaching the same to others is a different matter. You still need to have the necessary knowledge from a Yoga Alliance certified yoga school.

It is important to choose the right place for starting your journey towards becoming a certified yoga teacher and having in-depth knowledge of this sacred path. To begin your journey towards becoming the best yoga teacher, you must learn it at its birthplace.

Yoga Instructor Certification – Why Rishikesh

Rishikesh, also known as Yoga Capital of the World is the birthplace of yogic arts. The lush green mountains with the holy river Ganges right in the middle make it the perfect place to learn yoga. Moreover, it has a number of yoga schools certified by the global authority on yoga, Yoga Alliance.

What you get to learn in Rishikesh is not just the physical aspect of yoga but also the chance to gather in-depth knowledge of this sacred art. Apart from that, there are five major reasons why choosing Rishikesh for your yoga teacher certification is worth the time and effort.

Let us find out what those reasons are;

1. 100% Vegetarian Food

You should know that one of the requirements of mastering yoga is removing all harmful items from your daily diet. Further, these items can include getting rid of drugs, alcohol, and non-vegetarian food. Therefore, yoga schools in Rishikesh follow a strict regimen comprising vegetarian delicacies. Hence, you not just learn yoga but also get to taste some of the best Indian cuisines.

2. The Affordable Living Options

Yoga schools providing yoga teacher certification in Rishikesh know a person can master every yoga pose if only they are in a comfortable state of being. Hence, you get ample accommodation options including private, sharing, AC, and Non-AC rooms in every price category.

3. No End to the Fun

Yoga teachers at these schools know that continuous practice of yoga without breaks can become hectic. Therefore, you need to have a free mind and body, which is why nature excursions are a big part of the routine.

4. Regular Lessons

Practicing a specific order of yoga asanas every day might make it easier but can become boring. It is the reason why two consecutive days at any certified yoga school are never the same. Hence, you learn about yoga philosophy one day and the other might be lessons on human anatomy.

However, it is essential for you to understand the different yoga certification levels before starting the journey. The journey towards the yoga teacher certification ranges from beginner to expert. Let us understand how one differs from the other.

Yoga Instructor Certification – The Different Yoga Teacher Training Levels

Do you know there are three different levels of yoga teacher training? These range from a complete novice to an advanced level? Each of these levels stands apart in terms of what you get to learn during the practice. Further, you learn how much you actually know once the course is over. However, each of these provides you with the much-needed start on this journey towards a yoga teacher certification course.

Let us now understand the different levels of yoga teacher training that you can do.

1. 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

The 200-hour yoga teacher training course affiliated with the Yoga Alliance USA includes Hatha and Vinyasa flow styles of yoga. Thus, it is the perfect course to kickstart your journey in yogic practices. However, if you are looking for a yoga teacher certification course that provides the basics of yoga, then choose the 200-hour yoga teacher training course.

The Reasons to Do the 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

You might wonder what makes this course the best option to start the journey towards becoming a certified yoga teacher. Read on below to know the reasons.

  • Classes on the theoretical and practical aspects of yoga
  • Master techniques as right body alignment and adjustment techniques to practice each yoga asanas with ease
  • A detailed study of Yoga literature and philosophy
  • Learning different yogic breathing techniques
  • Introduction to deep meditative practices
  • Lessons on the concept of Ayurveda
  • Detailed lessons on the postural imbalance
  • Tips on how to help others correct their posture during a yoga class
  • Fundamentals on Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga

Once you complete the 200-hour yoga teacher training course; it is time to take what you learned to the next level with the 300-hour yoga teacher certification course.

2. 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

The 300-hour yoga teacher training is an intermediate-level course to help you move from a beginner to the next level. Further, the course combines a modern and traditional approach to yoga to help you enjoy good physical and mental health.

This yoga teacher certification course includes different yogic practices including Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga, Pranayama, Mudra poses, and advanced lessons on human anatomy.

What Makes the 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course Special?

The level of yogic knowledge you acquire during a 300-hour course is reason enough to join. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg compared to what it actually offers. Let us find out what makes this course special.

  • Learn techniques for body alignment and adjustment to perform yoga poses without risk of injury
  • In-depth lessons on understanding the bone structure and its role in yoga practices
  • Lessons on yoga philosophy from sacred Sanskrit texts including the Bhagwad Gita, and Yoga Sutras of Patanjali among others
  • Methods to perfect complex yoga asana with the help of yoga props
  • The practice of Yoga Nidra for completely relaxing the mind and body
  • Classes on mantra’s including a scientific approach to a mantra, and mantras for daily life
  • Complete support for conducting yoga lessons
  • Meditation practices to increase focus and concentration
  • Advanced lessons on understanding the different stages of Kundalini awakening

Now, it is time for you to master the yogic arts with advanced knowledge of everything about yoga with the 500-hour yoga teacher training course.

3. 500-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

To earn the 500-hour yoga teacher certification, it is important to have a highly experienced teacher with complete knowledge of yoga. You learn yoga on an advanced level that includes mindfulness techniques, techniques to purify body and mind, not to forget Pranayama breathing techniques in the daily yoga practices.

  • Lessons on yoga philosophy including its origin and different paths
  • In-depth lessons on the eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga
  • Advance classes on Yoga Sutra
  • Techniques to master Hatha and Ashtanga Yoga styles
  • Introduction to Pranayama and different types of Meditations
  • Know-how classes on advance yogic postures
  • Assistance with setting up own yoga center including classes on teaching methodology

The 500-hour yoga teacher training course is the best course if you want to take the current knowledge of yoga to an advanced level. Also, it helps you gain an in-depth understanding of everything related to yoga from a beginner to an advanced practitioner.


A yoga teacher certification thus offers you the opportunity to advance your own yogic practices and share this sacred knowledge with others. The certification provides you the confidence to start your own yoga studio or school. You get access to the necessary tools and techniques to understand yoga beyond its physical aspect. Yoga teacher training helps you become more aware of the hidden emotions and feelings.


Q1) Where Can I Find Cheap Yoga Teacher Training in India?

Ans) There are many Yoga Alliance registered yoga schools in India that have the best yoga teachers. There is no need for you to spend a fortune in accomplishing your dream of becoming the best yoga teacher by joining a yoga school in India costing you a lot.

Q2) What is the Best Place in India to Join Yoga Teacher Training in Summers?

Ans) The holy city of Rishikesh in India becomes a tourist paradise in the summer season. For this reason, it is where you should enroll in the best yoga teacher training and enhance your yoga practice during summers.

Q3) Can I teach yoga in India without certification?

Ans) No, you cannot teach yoga at a registered yoga school in India without any yoga certification. Therefore, it is suggested that you earn a certification first before starting your career as a yoga teacher and start teaching this sacred art in a yoga school in India.