Top 7 Tips to Get Most Out of Your Yoga Instructor Course

Top 7 Tips to Get Most Out of Your Yoga Instructor Course

Yoga Instructor Course- So you have finally decided to get a yoga instructor course but worried whether you are ready for it or not? You are not alone. It is basic human instincts to get the most out of the things they are investing in.

However, if you still feel that you need to keep a few things in your mind before or after the yoga instructor course, feel free to read the following tips that you can apply in your life to completely squeeze out every little detail from your yoga teacher training.

Tips to Squeeze Yoga Instructor Course Completely

Tips to Squeeze Yoga Instructor Course Completely

1. Before Training

Before joining a yoga instructor course, time is very crucial. You shouldn’t be entering with a blank mind, without any idea what your goal is, or what you want to achieve, or why you want to practice yoga.

Thus, prepare yourself with adequate yoga knowledge, so that, you can feel connected in the class rather than feeling all out of the place.

2. Yoga Material

It’s not like you can perform perfect yoga poses on the very first go. Initially, you might need the support of your yoga instructor or yoga props. Hence, never feel shy to use a yoga pillow, straps, blocks, or blanket.

Yoga Material

Remember, the material provided to you is for your convenience. Thus, practicing yoga with or without them makes a huge difference in your yoga practice that you must be aware of.

3. Progressive Overload

Progressive overloading means increasing the intensity of your yoga session to grow beyond the limits. Hence, you are advised that once you become comfortable with basic yoga poses, once in a while try to practice complex yoga asanas.

The benefit is that your body adapts new things, and further, your yoga practicing is leveling up when you put more stress and intensity on your body. You can also increase the timing of your practice to put your body under tension for a much longer phase.

4. Experiment

When it comes to exploring and experimenting with different forms of yoga, you have to keep in mind to never feel scared or fearful. You might come to a perfect yoga form according to the goal you have in mind while exploring different forms of yoga.

Experiment with yoga

Moreover, Don’t just cling to single meditation practice. Learn to change the meditation technique to improve your awareness of different dimensions of your body and mind.

5. Off-Mat Time

Off-mat time can be a crucial phase for you to entirely squeeze your yoga instructor course. It is but obvious that the way you spent your time after your yoga session directly affects your yoga practice.

Spending time in nature, tuning yourself with the Universe helps you to remain in that aura of a yoga class. In turn, you feel bliss, calmness, and peace of mind.

6. Changing Habits

Do you feel your current eating or living habits are coming in the way of your goal in mind? Then don’t think twice and change them with good eating and living habits. For instance, including satvik food in your diet help you to have better digestion, clear mind, and create a balance in your life.

Once you incorporate good habits, you witness that your internal, as well as external life, is going in a perfect flow.

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7. After Training

Once your yoga instructor course is complete, it doesn’t mean that you are free to bounce back to your earlier routine. You need to make yoga practice an everyday event of your life, so that, whatever you have learned at the yoga instructor course goes along with you.

After Training Of Yoga

Keep your curiosity alive, and be eager to learn new things to never stop the learning process.

The above-given tips can help you to completely squeeze your yoga instructor course, and make you feel that you have made the right decision of investing in the course. You witness your heart and head opening to yoga.

Your intuition grows and instructs you further on the path of your yogic journey. Over time, you experience an expansion in your yoga knowledge.

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Q1) How many yoga instructor courses does Svadhyaya Kosha offer?

Ans: Svadhyaya Kosha offers 3 yoga teacher training courses in total, namely a 200-hour, 300-hour, and 500-hour yoga course.

Q2) Which yoga instructor course shall a beginner start with?

Ans: 200-hour yoga teacher training course is perfect for a beginner to start his yoga journey.

Q3) Are online yoga teacher training programs worth pursuing?

Ans) Online yoga teacher training programs give you the benefit of learning from home. But, nothing can beat the knowledge you get under the direct supervision of an experienced yoga teacher at a physically located yoga school.

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