Top Qualities Of A Great Yoga Instructor

Top Qualities Of A Great Yoga Instructor

Yoga instructor- What do you think is necessary to be a great yoga instructor? There is no sure short answer because plenty of things play their part. From being a technical expert to having an enriching experience, everything has an equal share in the making of a great yoga teacher.

There are many things that a yoga instructor needs to be mindful of. A person can become a great yoga instructor by incorporating the following qualities. Read on

Things That Make A Great Yoga Instructor

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Making Connection

What many yoga teachers lack is their inability to connect with the students. Being a teacher is much more than a mere delivery of instructions. People keep the person for longer in their mind who can easily connect with them.

Moreover, having an easy connection leads to a better understanding of the concepts or ideas delivered. You can teach for a longer duration when you have an amazing connection. Everyone feels comfortable around a person who is easy to approach. Thus, lookout for a person with amazing skills of having a great connection with the audience.


The personality of a yoga instructor matter a lot. From personal hygiene to the way he or she tackles problems tells a lot about a person’s character. Look out for every move a yoga instructor makes to understand him or her better.

Some try hard to seek the attention of their students. But what you need to look out for is a strong character. A single gaze or a stare should be enough to command the class. It puts forward how strong is the hold of the yoga instructor on the students.

Attention To Detail

Yoga is all about body alignment and adjustments. If your yoga teacher is incapable to read the slightest changes that you do, you should consider changing your yoga instructor. Moreover, the yoga teacher must have deep knowledge about the human mind and physiology.

The safety of yoga practitioners is the ultimate aim of a great yoga instructor. It proves that the students are in safer hands. Furthermore, it shows a glimpse of how good is the yoga teacher at understanding the different potential of different students.


It comes from self-learning and experience. When a person has taught a vast number of students, he or she has a wider perspective on understanding things. Moreover, the student’s questions should be answered in the easiest way possible.

Not just theoretical knowledge but the practical presentation should be a strong point of a great yoga teacher. It presents how the yoga teacher will change the routine in case of any emergency. Thus, he or she has to be always ready for any up-coming or sudden changes in the routine of a yoga session.


No one likes to learn yoga from a scary teacher. Moreover, no one wants a rude yoga instructor. People prefer a cheerful yet sensible person. Therefore, a yoga instructor should be a humble person.

Radiation of a soothing and peaceful aura should be coming from a yoga teacher. Even if someone does something uncalled for, the yoga instructor should make the person understand very lovingly and logically. You should look out for how he or she veils the yoga philosophy in everyday life.

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Many yoga teachers imitate the style of other yoga teachers. Therefore, when someone confronts them, they feel embarrassed. A great yoga teacher should have his or her unique style of yoga teaching.

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You gain more insight into what you lack when you spent enough time learning and practicing yoga in your free time. It makes you authentic and exclusive at teaching yoga. You also learn new techniques to incorporate changes into your current teaching methodology.

Wrap Up

There is so much more than a person should have that makes him or her a great yoga instructor. From being generous to easy-to-approach, many things constitute the personality of a yoga teacher. Incorporating these in your life ensures in making you people’s favorite in no time.

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Q1) How do I find a good yoga instructor?

Ans: You should enroll in a Yoga Alliance certified yoga school to find the best yoga instructors.

Q2) What qualifications do I need to be a yoga instructor?

Ans: A minimum of 200-Hour yoga teacher training is the basic requirement for you to become a yoga instructor.

Q3) How do most yoga instructors get such flexible bodies?

Ans: Yoga requires commitment and practice. With dedication and hard work, you can develop a flexible body.


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