What are the Best Yoga Asanas to Lose Weight?

Yoga Asanas to Lose Weight

Want to start yoga for losing weight? Here is the list of best yoga asanas to lose weight you need to practice.

Yoga has always been considered a way of relaxing and restoring the mind and body. Most people believe it is a great stress buster and manner to deal with various health issues. But, have you ever heard that yoga can also lose weight? Feeling skeptical? Well, mark our words, yoga can help you melt away fat and lose weight with the practice of various yoga asanas.

Here, we have compiled the list of best yoga asanas to lose weight. Doing these poses for a couple of weeks on regular basis is going to help you lose weight. Let’s start!

Best Yoga Asanas to Lose Weight


Headstand is one of the best yoga asanas to lose weight. Although beginners may find it difficult to practice at the start, however with regular practice anyone can master this. You can also practice this with assistance at first. Headstand not only helps you shed extra pounds by generating metabolism and stimulating the fat melting process but also is a great way to relieve stress and anxiety.


This is not all. With the consistent practice of this particular pose, you can strengthen your arms, shoulders, and get rid of the fluid problem if building up in your feet, legs, or ankles.

Tree Pose

Tree Pose can be extremely beneficial to lose weight. It stretches shoulders, thighs, groins, and torso. Also, the pose strengthens the abdomen, ankles, and calves. The tree pose can also be practiced by people struggling with the problem of sciatica. For the enhancement of focus and balance, this pose proves helpful.

Tree Pose

Using almost every body muscle, the pose keeps you balanced as well. You can also practice the tree pose if looking to calm your mind and tone your muscles.


In order to flaunt a well-toned and fit body, one must add this yoga pose to their session. Holding the pose for longer will give your better results. Beginners may start by holding it for up to 30 seconds and progress over time. When you would be able to hold the pose for a long time, there will be a fraction in your body, helping you cut fat.

Plank Pose

It is one of the best yoga asanas to lose weight and calorie burning. It engages various muscles of your body at once, hence benefits the core strength of your body. Not only the plank can burn fat but also enhance flexibility and improve posture.

Sun Salutations

Practicing one round of sun salutations can help you lose weight with a smile. It burns approx 13.90 calories in a single go. In beginning, you can start with 5 rounds of the asana and later extend the number to 12.

Sun Salutations

To make the most of sun salutations, try adding 2 minutes of meditation before as well as after doing the pose. This way, you will be able to detoxify not only your body but your mind too. You can also combine the pose with light warm-up exercises and other poses of yoga to gain overall fitness.

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Downward Dog

This is another best yoga pose to lose weight. It should be surely included in your yoga session and must be combined with the right breathing pattern.

Downward Dog

It tones your entire body, especially thighs, arms, back, and hamstring. The downward dog pose is also great to improve blood circulation in the body and enhance concentration.

Wrapping Up

Weight loss is something that stresses millions of minds around the world. And yoga is a fantastic way to lose weight and stay fit. If you are not having enough time to spare researching how to do these best yoga poses to lose weight, you can anytime plan your visit to our yoga school. Considering your body needs in mind, our expert yoga teachers will not only guide you about which yoga poses can prove to be the best for your body structure but also teach you how to perform those particular yoga poses for weight loss. Start your journey to losing weight today! Will you?