What are the Poses of Yoga for Knee Pain?

Yoga for Knee Pain

Are you facing difficulty in moving around? Do you experience pain in your knees? If yes, you might have tight knee joints that lead to knee pain. If you want a natural remedy to cope up with knee pain, you should practice yoga for knee pain.

You must be thinking why yoga for knee pain when there are many clinically tested methods out there. For that matter, yoga works on your entire body. However, in various other means, the chances of relief are very less. Thus, yoga for knee pain is the best option for you.

Below-mentioned are some of the best poses of yoga for knee pain you should practice daily to get rid of knee pain. Read on.

Best Poses of Yoga For Knee Pain For Easy Movement

Child’s Pose

Do you want to work on your knees and lower back simultaneously? If yes, the child’s pose is the best pose of yoga for knee pain.

Process: You can start by sitting on your shin bones and place your hips on your calves. From there, slowly bend forward. This forward bending posture massages your knees and stretches your lower back. Moreover, it maintains the flexibility of your spine that decreases pain to a great degree.

Pigeon Pose

Sometimes, tight hips put a lot of pressure on your knees. Hence, loosening up your tight joints is important if you want to get rid of the pain. Hence, the pigeon pose is perfect for you to loosen up your hip joints.

Process: Sit on a yoga mat with your legs slightly open in front of you, From there, move your right leg to your back while keeping the left leg in front of you. Now, make a right angle between your left shin and left thigh. Make sure your right leg is far behind and straightened out. Keep your spine straight and bend forward.

Bridge Pose

Struggling with lower back pain? If yes, it is obvious that your knees are undergoing a lot more stress and muscle tension. Lower back pain pulls hamstring muscles that leave a negative impact on your knees. Hence, you should practice the bridge pose to work on your lower back and knees.

Process: You can start by lying flat on the ground. From there, fold your legs and place your feet firmly on the ground. Before raising your waist, tuck your neck into your chest. Further, squeeze your hips and engage your core muscles. This is one of the best poses of yoga for knee pain that removes muscle imbalance.

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Chair Pose

If you want to work directly on your knee, the chair pose is perfect for you. It works not only on your knees but also on your thighs and feet.

Process: It is the simplest pose of yoga for knee pain. To begin with, have a firm grip with your feet on the yoga mat. From there, engage your core, hips, and thighs. Now, slowly bring your hips down as if you want to do a body squat. Once your thighs are parallel to the ground, hold the position for maximum time.

Easy Pose

From working on your knees to your spine, the easy pose massages your major leg joints. Moreover, it is the easiest pose of yoga for knee pain.

Process: Simply sit in a crossed leg position. However, make sure your spine is straight and focus on your breathing.

Wrap Up

Joint health is equally important if you want to have a pain-free movement. Hence, you should make yoga for knee pain a part of your life. Make sure you consistently practice yoga to keep all the discomfort away from your life. Over time, you are going to live a pain-free and easy life.

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