What Exercises Can You Do in Yoga For Cervical?

Yoga For Cervical

Are you suffering from cervical pain? The reasons could be many. Sitting for too long with the neck bending forward or having a poor posture can also result in neck pain. Over time, it could become chronic pain also known as cervical. If you want to have relief without using any medication, practicing yoga for cervical has to be in your routine.

Practicing yoga relieves neck pain and improves its functionality. Thus, it removes any tension ingrained in the muscles. Here are the best yoga exercises that you can do if you are having cervical pain. Read on.

Best Poses of Yoga For Cervical

Cobra Pose

It is one of the best poses of yoga for cervical since it stretches your neck. The backbend motion of your neck releases pain induced by forwarding bending. Thus, you need to make it a part of your routine if you want to heal cervical pain.

Cobra Pose

Moreover, it further opens up your chest and shoulder muscles. Hence, it is also a perfect pose to improve your overall posture. You get strong arm muscles when you regularly practice the cobra pose.

Shoulder Stand

Do you want to release pain from your neck and legs with a single yoga exercise? Then practice the shoulder stand. You raise your legs over your head while supporting your weight on your neck and shoulders.

Shoulder Stand

Thus, it is one of the best poses of yoga for cervical that improves the strength in your neck muscles. The extended pressure on your neck increases the mobility of your neck. Hence, you get a more flexible and strong neck. Moreover, it enhances the flexibility in your legs along with stronger core muscles.

Cat-Cow Pose

Forward bending puts a lot of stress on your scapula muscles. Thus, your neck tires pretty soon when you work on a computer or have to study for hours. That is where the cat-cow stretch can help you.

Cat-Cow Pose

Women silhouette. Cow yoga pose. Bitilasana. Cat yoga pose. Marjaryasana Vector illustration

You learn to retract and protract scapula muscles. That further improves the blood flow in your upper back and neck muscles. It also improves your spine health. Hence, it is one of the best poses of yoga for cervical with its ability to focus on neck muscles.

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Child’s Pose

Sitting on your legs will not only remove fatigue from your legs but also relieves your upper back and neck muscles. When you extend your hands over your head, you feel a stretch in your scapula muscles.

You can place your neck on the ground before you loosen up the tight muscles. Also, you can put a little pressure on it to improve the strength of your neck. Moreover, it is one of the best poses for complete relaxation of your mind and body.

Legs Up The Wall

It is one of the easiest poses of yoga for cervical. All you have to do is to place your legs up against the nearby wall. It relaxes your neck and improves the flexibility of your hamstrings.

Legs Up The Wall Pose

This yoga exercise massages the back of your spine and stretches your hip muscles. It enhances the flow of blood to your head. Hence, you feel a lot lighter and relaxed when you practice this pose daily.

Downward Dog

If you want an all-rounder yoga exercise, you can practice the downward dog pose. It improves the flexibility of your spine, legs, arms, shoulder, and neck muscles. Also, it strengthens your core and scapula muscles.

Downward Dog Pose

Thus, practicing the downward dog pose works on your entire body. You can make it a part of your routine to get rid of cervical pain.


Too much sitting can be harmful in a long run. If you do not make a healthy routine along with working life, you might suffer from not just cervical pain but also lower back pain or tight hamstrings. Therefore, you must practice yoga for cervical so that you have a perfect fit and healthy body.

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Q1) How can I relax my neck?

Ans) You can practice different yoga stretches without pushing too much. This will improve the blood flow to your neck and other surrounding muscles. Hence, your neck muscles relax and release any pain.

Q2) Is yoga better than the gym?

Ans) Yes! Yoga practice is way much better than the gym. You do not have to struggle with weights. Moreover, the chances of getting hurt to minimize with the yoga practice. Hence, you become flexible, strong, and agile.

Q3) Is yoga harmful to your body?

Ans) Not at all! Yoga practice improves your overall health and makes you active & fit. Further, it decreases any risk of injury by increasing the mobility, agility, and flexibility of your body.