What Is Kripalu Yoga – A Guide For Yoga Beginner’s

kripalu yoga

Yoga has been a part of human history and culture for centuries. With time, this ancient art has transitioned into a global phenomenon. Adding to that, there are numerous yoga styles like Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Kundalini, and Kripalu yoga among others. However, there is much more to Kripalu yoga than one knows.

Similar to other forms of yoga, Pranayama, Asana and meditation are two important components of Kripalu yoga. This style of yoga cultivates that your body is the center of your being and you should accept the body as a teacher to learn about the inner being. However, you should practice this yoga style under the guidance of a Kripalu yoga expert.

Let us first understand a bit about the origins of this mystical art.

Origin Of Kripalu Yoga

Founded in 1980’s by Amrit Desai, Kripalu yoga was named after his teacher Sri Kripalananda. The word Kripalu is a Hindi word that means compassion. You might have heard of numerous yoga sessions ending with the word Namaste, but the Kripalu session ends with Jai Bhagwan.

Let us now check out how exactly does Kripalu yoga works.

Kripalu Yoga – The Working

Kripalu yoga might appear to be a bit slow, it does focus on meditation, physical healing, and spiritual transformation which improves your life apart from the mat. With time, you learn to observe thoughts without any judgment and love them as they are. Kripalu yoga emphasizes on moving at your own pace, being self-accepting, and adaptable.

A Kripalu yoga class helps you seek inwards and experience mental and physical relaxation. You hold the yoga asanas for a short period of time as you experience the flow of the sacred Prana energy in your body.

You learn to develop a loving and nurturing relationship with your body, which helps you get close to the inner-being. The Kripalu yoga helps you develop a deeper awareness of all the mental and emotional problems affecting your body. However, you do this with an attitude of compassion and softness.

Since, the Kripalu yoga helps you get in tune with your inner being, everyone’s experience of a Kripalu yoga class will be different. With regular practice, you free the blocked sacred energy and get over stress and pain. In the long run, this activates your body’s natural healing ability, which provides you greater mental and emotional stability.

However, there is widespread confusion regarding the purpose and benefits of Kripalu yoga. Well, don’t worry! Yoga experts will help you with that.

Purpose & Benefits Of Kripalu Yoga

Remember, the purpose of Kripalu yoga is to make you gentle towards yourself. You have to respect your body and mind by tuning into your inner wisdom and emotions.

As far as the purpose goes, Kripalu yoga activates the inner healing process in three stages namely;

  • Body & Breath Awareness
  • Meditation In Motion
  • Holding the Posture

Once you are able to pass all the three stages of Kripalu yoga, you can reap the benefits of this magical yoga style.

Keeping the above statement in mind, yoga experts have come up with some awesome benefits of Kripalu yoga.

Benefits Of Kripalu Yoga

To help you understand why doing Kripalu yoga is worth it, yoga experts have come up with some of the top benefits of practicing this yoga style.

Helps Control Anger

Kripalu yoga focuses on being attentive towards your breathing and meditation. With time, these two provide your emotions and breathing more time to get in conjunction with your body. It is how you also learn to manage anger.

Promotes Love & Kindness

A major benefit of Kripalu yoga is it teaches you to be gentle with yourself. However, you have to develop compassion and love even for others around you through yogic practice. In the long run, this style of yoga helps you develop love and kindness for everyone around you.

Increases Body Awareness

Since the sacred Prana energy moves towards your mind and thoughts, these help you realize the importance of having a healthy body. You become aware of the fact that the body is a sacred temple.

Promotes Better Flow Of Energy

The sacred Prana life energy flows through your body to keep all systems functional and healthy. However, the smallest amount of a negative belief or idea can hinder the flow of this energy. Luckily, doing Kripalu yoga with the right breathing helps unlock this blocked energy. In the long run, this prepares your body to fight against a number of physical and psychological health issues.

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Although Kripalu yoga might appear a bit relaxed and slow style of yoga, it does offer some amazing benefits. You should find a certified yoga school to learn this relaxing and spiritual yoga style under the tutelage of yoga gurus.