What is Yoga Alliance? – Why Join

What is Yoga Alliance
    • Do you want to move up from a yoga practitioner to a yoga teacher? The physical practice of yoga asanas only gets you so far. You need to understand yoga beyond its physical aspects. For this reason, joining a Yoga Alliance certified yoga training can help you understand the mental and spiritual aspects of this ancient art. However, do you know what this organization actually does? You must gather in-depth knowledge of this organization before embarking on the yoga teacher training journey. Read further to know what exactly it does.

What is Yoga Alliance – In Brief

Formed in 1997 by a group of yogis who gathered at the San Francisco Yoga Journal Conference and took on the responsibility of creating yoga teaching standards on a global level. These standards are the benchmark for yoga teacher training all over the world.

Since 2013, the organization has focused on providing future yogis with member benefits, yoga workshops, and discounts on yoga products and services.

How Yoga Alliance Works?

Instead of providing yoga training directly to yoga practitioners, Yoga Alliance lays down the standards for yoga education training that teachers at a yoga school have to follow to ensure the students get enough time for theory and practical knowledge of yoga.

How Yoga Alliance Works?

They also have a registry comprising of the details of yoga teachers who have completed their yoga teacher training from a certified yoga school or institute. Whether you want to expand your understanding of yoga or become a professional yoga teacher; the organization adheres to a set of eligibility criteria to help you register for the correct YTT.

What About Yoga Alliance Credentials?

Although there are no specific guidelines related to the yoga teacher training syllabus. It requires you to complete a specific number of hours to earn a particular YTT certification.
What About Yoga Alliance Credentials?
Concerning the credentials, it has a system of Social Credentialing through which you come to know about your capabilities as a yoga teacher via the review system listed on their directory page. USA-certified alliance for Yoga uses this feedback to improve yoga schools’ programs. With that said, joining this USA Certified Organization does offer you some impressive benefits. Read further to know more.

What are the Benefits of Joining Yoga Alliance:

Given below are five major benefits of becoming a Certified member of this Accredited Yoga Organization.

Benefits of Joining Yoga Alliance
1. Directory Listing

Becoming a member helps you get a member profile on their online directory page. Having a profile on their directory means not just a verified profile, you have more chance of being discovered by a potential employer.

2. Become Part of Yoga Community

Joining this Organization makes you a part of an exclusive yoga community spread all over the world. This opens up a lot of doors for you to network with individuals who share the same passion for yoga as you.

3. Endless Online Yoga Workshops

Apart from having your name listed on the Yoga Alliance directory page you get to attend yoga workshops. You also get a chance to be part of yoga-related events attended by other yoga teachers and students. The best part is you can register for these events without paying anything extra.

4. Memberships Perks

A major benefit of joining Yoga Alliance is you get access to liability insurance, legal counseling, and special discounts. These membership discounts provide you benefits like continuing yoga education, and a host of yoga products and services.

5. Improved Credibility

The organization is a globally recognized name in the yoga community. By signing up to become its member you acquire better credibility. In the long run, it helps you get your name out to potential clients.


Completing the yoga teacher training gives you the skills and techniques to not just deepen personal yoga practice it also lets you help others unlock their true potential. You should join Yoga Alliance to not just become a certified yoga teacher but also to find potential employers.

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Q1) How important is it to get a yoga alliance certification?

Ans: Yoga Alliance USA is the global authority working to promote yoga. It helps you become a recognized yoga teacher.

Q2) Is Yoga Alliance internationally recognized?

Ans: Yes! Yoga Alliance USA is an internationally recognized global authority on yoga.

Q3) How do I get 200 hours of yoga teacher training certification from yoga alliance?

Ans: You should enroll in a reputed yoga school to earn the 200-hour yoga teacher training certified by Yoga Alliance USA.

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