Which Exercises to Do While Practicing Yoga For Sciatica?

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Over 5% population in the US is suffering from sciatica nerve pain. Sciatica is a nerve that emerges from your lower back and extends down to your foot. There are two sciatica nerves, one in every leg. The causes for sciatica nerve pain could be many. What you need is to do is practice yoga for sciatica.

Why yoga? Because practicing yoga loosens up the tight muscles that could be pinching your sciatica nerve. Sciatica nerve pain can either be caused by a herniated disc or tight hip muscles. Whatever may be the cause, yoga practice can be a great help.

If you are suffering from sciatica nerve pain, the following poses of yoga for sciatica can help you. Keep reading.

Best Poses of Yoga For Sciatica to Lessen Out Pain

Lying Spine Twist

Sciatica nerve pain can happen when your sciatica nerve gets pinches between your hip muscles and tendons. When you bend or walk, the tight muscles push your nerves more and hence cause pain. The lying spine twist can help you loosen up your tight hip muscles.

Lying Spine Twist Pose

Lie down and place your feet on the ground by bending your legs. Keep your shoulders tucked to the ground. Without raising your shoulders, twist your folded legs such that your knees touch the ground to the one side. Once done, let your legs touch the ground to the other side. It helps in improving the flexibility of your hips and lower back.

Peacock Pose

Tight hamstrings and hip muscles can cause a lot of trouble. It is the number one reason why you feel pain in your lower back pain or sciatica nerve. Hence, you can practice the peacock pose to relax your lower body a bit.

Peacock Pose

To start with, lunge forward with your right leg in front of you. Now let the outer part of your right leg touch the ground and place your hips on the ground. Make sure that your left leg is to the back. Keep your back straight and bend forward. It stretches your tight hips and hamstrings and relieves sciatica pain.

Standing Twist

This pose can help you get rid of pain without putting much weight on your back. You need a small raised surface or a box to place your foot on. Stand close to a wall and put your hands on it. Position the box to your left side. Now raise your right foot without taking off your hands from the wall.

Standing Twist Yoga Pose

Take your right foot on the box placed on your left. Keep your torso towards the wall. It stretches and twists your spine. It is one of the best poses of yoga for sciatica because it works without compressing your lower back.

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Sitting Forward Bend

The pose aims to stretch out your hamstrings. However, make sure to keep your back straight. That way, the pressure will shift to your hips and hamstrings rather than your lower back.

Sit down and fully extend your legs. Position your hands by your side or on your legs. Straighten your spine and bend forward from your hips. Slowly bend forward so that you can feel the stretch. It enhances the pain-bearing power of your hip muscles and hamstrings.

Standing Hamstring Stretch

This pose of yoga for sciatica focuses entirely on your hamstrings. If you have tight or weak hamstrings muscles, you need to try this pose. You need a box or a higher surface to place your leg on it. Once you place your leg on top of the raised surface, bend forward from your hips.

Keep your other leg and back straight. Try to put more pressure on your glute muscles. Repeat the pose on the other leg.

Summing Up

Sciatica nerve pain can lead to various other issues. Problems like back pain, tight hips, frozen upper back, and much more can become a part of your life. So, to get rid of all this, practice yoga for sciatica.

Over time, you become more flexible, agile, and have better mobility. Thus, you live a pain-free and easy-going life.

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