8 Yoga Instructions For Beginners To Be Remembered

Yoga Instructions For Beginners

Yoga is a sacred art that offers numerous physical and mental health benefits. In the ancient times this has helped millions around the world unlock their hidden potential. Adding to that, there are numerous yoga asanas and techniques that help you connect with the divine. However, if you are someone with no experience of this ancient art, you might need some guidance. It is here yoga instructions for beginners comes into the picture to help you learn ifs and buts of yoga with ease.

Learning to do yoga under the guidance of skilled yoga instructors makes it easier for you to not just learn yoga but it also opens the doors for you to become a certified yoga teacher. Hence, you should keep in mind some tips to prevent any injuries to yourself.

Yoga Instructions For Beginners

To make it easier for you to practice yoga as a beginner, our yoga experts have compiled a list of instructions. Read below to know what these are.

1. Accept You Are A Beginner

Whether it is about driving a car or learning to play a musical instrument, remember that everyone who became a master at anything was once a beginner. Similarly, when it comes to learning yoga, being a beginner is completely okay. Do not feel ashamed or inferior to other yogis as everyone once stood where you are.

2. Dedicate A Proper Time

It might sound easy, but this is one of an important yoga instructions for beginners to remember. You have to develop a habit of doing yoga at a fixed time. Yoga experts recommend you should practice yoga early in the morning as that helps you release stress of the previous day. Moreover, having a fixed time would help you create a yoga practice schedule.

3. Choose A Comfortable Place

Yoga teachers recommend you should start by practicing yoga at home or somewhere you feel comfortable. Always find a quiet corner or dedicate a specific room for the practice. Make sure you keep the smartphone and laptop away from where you are practicing yoga. It will keep you focused in the yoga session.

4. Move Slowly

There are numerous yoga styles, some are fast-paced while others are a bit slow. However, all these provide your body and mind total relaxation when done with safety. As a beginner, you have to be patient during the starting few weeks. This is an important yoga instruction for beginners that states whether your goal is to get lean or build muscles, do not rush into any yoga asana.

5. Don’t Forget To Breathe

A common mistake that many first-timers commit during a yoga session is not to properly breathe. However, you should know that breathing impacts your overall mood and well-being. So, if you find yourself unable to do a challenging yoga asana, simply relax.

The simple act of breathing reminds your body and mind that there is nothing to worry about and this minimizes the stress levels.

6. Practice On Empty Stomach

One reason why many feel dizzy and nauseous during a yoga session is because they practice right after consuming a meal. Remember this one of the really important yoga instructions for beginners which states that you should never exercise on a full stomach. Always keep a break of at least 2 to 3 hours between your meals and yoga session.

7. Let Go Of Expectations

If you read the yogic texts, these state clearly you should let go of all expectations. Similar is the case with yoga practice. If you focus too much on the result of a situation, you are not able to be fully present in the moment.

Keep in mind, the result or outcome of a situation is not something you can control. In other words, instead of focusing on being perfect at a yoga asana, you should focus on the journey.

8. Listen To Your Body

Although you might be doing a yoga asana with precision, remember, to listen to your body. If something does not feels right or you feel a little pain, do not ignore the problem. You should listen to your body when it feels uncomfortable during yoga practice.

For example, if a yoga asana requires you to hold your breath and it becomes labored or ragged, stop there and take a break.

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Do you want to unlock and explore your full physical and mental potential? You should follow these yoga instructions for beginners and practice yoga under the guidance of a yoga guru. However, make sure you enroll in a certified yoga school to learn this spiritual art.

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