Yoga Teacher Training- An All-inclusive Guide on What, Where, and Why!

Yoga Teacher Training

ttoYoga Teacher Training- With the demand for yoga escalating day by day, yoga teacher training schools began to crop up everywhere around the world. However, choosing the right school and program is a must. So, if you have made the decision to start your yoga journey or take your yoga experience to a whole new level, then having a walk of the points listed in the post will help you in a big way. Let’s get started!

Whether you want to become a yoga teacher or simply looking to enrich your yoga knowledge, determination is a must to pursue yoga teacher training. Give yourself a ‘thank you’ note for choosing this awe-inspiring path. Now take some deep breaths to focus on things you need to know when it comes to starting a YTT.

Where You Can Start Your Yoga Teacher Training?

Yoga is everywhere. No matter in which corner of the world you live, you can find a yoga school near you to learn this ancient art. However, if your aim is to learn real yoga, then there is no better place than Rishikesh, India.

Where You Can Start Your Yoga Teacher Training

Rishikesh is the yoga capital of the world. It is one of the most serene, beautiful, calm, nature-friendly, and rejuvenating destinations to start YTT.

The uniqueness of this yoga destination is that you can get acquainted with any styles of yoga you want to learn. Also, you can completely immerse yourself in a Yogic lifestyle. Practice yoga amidst pure nature, enjoy the roar of the holy river the Ganges, and the chirping of birds.

What Type of Yoga Teacher Training is the Best for You?

Like anything, there are various pros and cons for each path. If you opt for an intensive YTT, though you’ll enjoy full immersion, however, you need to work hard as this format of YTT is challenging and intense.

What Type of Yoga Teacher Training is the Best for You and me

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At the same time, you will get an opportunity to delve into the task you’re being assigned to that can be truly life-changing, making you healthy mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

On the other hand, if your choice is non-intensive YTT, then here’s what you can expect. This type of yoga teacher training although covers the same yoga curriculum as that of the intense one but the pace followed is relatively much slower, usually you learn yoga over a period of several months.

To help you with your decision, we recommend you join intensive YTT if you completely want to escape from the stress and hustle-bustle of daily life and find inner peace through yoga. However, if you don’t have the option of dropping your daily routine for several weeks, then non-intensive yoga teacher training is the best fit for you.

Point to consider: Practitioners can learn yoga by immersing themselves in a less-intensive yoga course, but the demands and distractions of their daily life will still, possibly, be making them chivvy.

Online YTT or YTT in a School?

Is online yoga teacher training worth it?

Is online yoga teacher training worth it

Due to the Covid-19 epidemic, many yoga schools are offering online YTT, but whether they are worth spending money on? Well, online training courses will not offer you much hands-on experience and personalized direction from the expert trainers, or not even quality yoga education.

What if you join a Yoga School?

What if you join a Yoga School

For students who are honestly interested to learn the history of yoga, proper yoga asana techniques, yoga teaching methodology, pranayama techniques, yoga anatomy, and physiology from an experienced yoga instructor, joining a yoga school is the best option.

Yoga Teacher Training Courses For You To Choose From

Although there are a host of yoga teacher training programs offered worldwide claiming you to help become a yoga teacher, the three popular variants which can be relied upon, with closed eyes are 200 Hours YTT, 300 Hours YTT, and 500 Hours YTT.

1. 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

200 Hour YTT is the most basic course one can choose to start a yoga practice. This is also known as level one of a YTT certification. The course needs practitioners to go through intensive yoga training for 200 Hours.

2. 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

For those practitioners who have completed 200 Hour YTT and still want to expand their yoga knowledge can join 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training to level up their yoga knowledge.

3. 500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training

This is the most advanced yoga training program and helps a practitioner to undergo a deeper understanding of yoga. With the successful completion of the yoga course, one can become a yogapreneur and start his/her own yoga studio for teaching yoga.

What Can You Learn From a Yoga Teacher Training Course?

Teacher Training is planned to sharpen your abilities and hone your potential to teach yoga. The best part of joining a yoga teacher training course is that you get acquainted with ways to not only learn but also teach yoga. YTT helps you get over your discomfort as you get wind of how to speak out with confidence in front of others, especially those who may consider you as a yoga guru.

Such experiences keep immersing in you as you grow with your practice of yoga during YTT. However, a great deal of learning is essential if you want to feel the true essence of yoga on a continuous basis.

When it comes to the Yoga Teacher Training Course Curriculum, a vast number of topics are covered to make a practitioner learn all the nitty-gritty of yoga.

To name a few topics which are covered in a Yoga Training are:
  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Pranayama
  • Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga
  • Yoga Anatomy and Physiology
  • Meditation
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Yoga Asanas
  • Mantra Chanting
  • Practicum
  • Bandha
  • Yoga Teaching Techniques and Alignment
  • Sun Salutations
  • Mudra Practice
  • Shatkarmas
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Yoga Nidra, etc.

Being engulfed in all aspects of yoga will not only calm you’re inner but also prepare your spirit to lead yoga enthusiasts on their way to their yogic journey.

Major Highlights You Must Have a Look At Before Investing in a Yoga Teacher Training: YTT FAQs

1. Accreditation from Yoga Alliance  Accreditation from Yoga Alliance

If the choice of type and location matters for you, choosing a certified yoga school is also essential. Make sure the yoga school you opt for doing yoga teacher training is having accreditation from Yoga Alliance. A school that is registered with Yoga Alliance will be recognized worldwide and meet all the standards needed for a YTT course. You may find this as an elementary differentiator, but it is worth checking, especially if you have plans to become a yoga instructor in the future.

2. Who is Your Yoga Teacher?

As you would be spending not only money but also your valuable time to pursue a yoga teacher training course, make sure the teacher you select is someone who carries extensive knowledge of yoga. Trust should always be there from the end of a practitioner for the teacher who will be with you throughout your life-changing journey.

Who is Your Yoga Teacher

So, do some research beforehand not only about the school but also of the yoga teacher to be assured of 0the fact you are going to learn true yoga. You can also check the review of students who have already completed their yoga training from the same school and under the guidance of the same yoga guru.

3. Is the Daily Yoga Routine Manageable?

Is the Daily Yoga Routine Manageable?

Yoga teacher training is not only to practice various types of yoga asanas throughout the day. Instead, the daily schedule must have some time for you to self-explore the ancient art. Also, there must be some yoga-related and fun activities to give you a break from the whole hectic day of practicing various sequences.

4. Is the Yoga Training Course Fits Your Budget?

Is the Yoga Training Course Fits Your Budget?

Don’t book a YTT course if you are not able to manage its cost in a comfortable manner. There is a myth among many that expensive means better, but it is not like that. There are many yoga centers offering the best yoga teacher training to interested practitioners without letting them burn a hole in their pockets.

5. Is the YTT course meeting your personal goals?

Whether you want to teach yoga to others, or simply scoop out your personal understanding and practice of yoga, both these are without a glitch lawful reasons to be part of a yoga teacher training. Many students join a YTT course for themselves and ascertain their passion to teach well ahead. After completing the course, most people define it as a life-changing experience. It can be an inordinate way to well understand who you are and how to scale in the field of yoga with more self-assurance and self-awareness.

6. Is the Course Includes Accommodation?

Some yoga schools offer lodging facility optionally. If you do decide on going to a yoga teacher training center that doesn’t include accommodation, then you need to pay extra. So, be selective while choosing a course for you. It is always better to join a school that offers accommodation. Keep in mind that during YTT, classes start early in the morning. And if you have not selected the course that incorporates accommodation, then it would be really difficult for you to reach your classes on time, especially if your room is far from your school.

7. Is the school provides a healthy meal?

Is the school provides a healthy meal

Have you ever given up something for your well-being? When you join a YTT course, you must be very sure of the diet included. Yoga teacher training is a powerful and intense time demanding food that is rich in nutrients. So, make sure the school you select for yoga training is good enough to fulfill your meal requirements.

Why You Should Consider Doing a Yoga Teacher Training?

Yoga teacher training course not only deepens your yoga knowledge but also prepares you to become a yoga instructor. You will get the knack for various yoga types and techniques like alignment, anatomy, body awareness, class sequencing, meditation, pranayama, methodology, and much more. Doing yoga teacher training can allow you to experience:

  • Change in your life
  • Deepen your yoga knowledge
  • Find your inner voice
  • Change in your priorities
  • A new family of like-minded people
  • More empowered connection with yourself

Unlike many teacher training programs, Yoga is a propagative one. It benefits you to foster good habits, increase flexibility, and live a happy and healthier life. Yoga poses expand blood circulation, charging you strengthened all day. A great sense of peace is also assured in a YTT course. The yoga art is all about fetching you back to your real state. So, go forward with a yoga teacher training course as that’s all you want to get rid of all physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues; and flaunt a happy heart.

Considering To Join Yoga Teacher Training? Step into the Practice Now!

The best part about embarking on a yoga teacher training journey is that it allows a practitioner to experience endless benefits. In fact, while making way for a YTT experience, yogis/yoginis can face the most astonishing and life-changing experiences of their life.

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What’s more?

You Meet Like-minded People

A worthy YTT course is also a significant way to bring like-minded people together. Envisage being a yoga devotee and committed that with several others who too are truly devoted towards! It could be a great yoga ambiance that can be shared by you with people from various parts of the world.

You Meet Like-minded People while joining Yoga
The united energy of a hoard of yogis is vital and rousing and unquestionably real. There’s a scattering of mystic that brings yogis/yoginis together on these yoga training. You can feel astonished by the synchronicities and likenesses in the needs of folks accompanying you on the yoga course.

Combat Stress and Gain Confidence

Combat Stress and Gain Confidence with Yoga

One of the biggest motives to join yoga teacher training is to learn various stress management techniques. In a YTT course, you not only get training to teach yoga but also learn concepts of mindfulness and meditation. These two yoga practices can re-carve the neural ways in your brain, resulting in a decrease in stress and an increase in serenity.
Boarding on a yoga teacher training will eventually give you a gush of self-assurance – however possibly not at the start. During the start, and maybe over the YTT course, you may have feelings of doubt and uncertainty. But during the whole process, you will fortify your voice, opinions, and sense of self. You arise more confident in opinions, words, and activities.

Broaden your Perspective

In exploring the yogic journey of kind-heartedness and compassion, you certainly initiate to comprehend and receive different ways of living and experiencing life. A wider viewpoint enables higher degrees of patience, compassion, and understanding.
When you’ve arisen from your Yoga Teacher Training, people in your life will identify positive and powerful deviations that you’ve to submit yourself to.  Some may be astounding, others predictable. But these encouraging changes might motivate others to begin yoga or start practicing more kindness.

With yoga taking the whole world by storm, it’s no wonder that people want to learn yoga for various reasons. Yoga is literally everywhere! It’s a great physical process bringing health and happiness to your mind, body, and soul. Yes, whether the yoga destination chosen by you would be in hills or near an ocean, but in the end, the main motive is to know and learn about Yoga Teacher Training.

How Much Does It Cost to Join Yoga Teacher Training?

  • Being the most growing field, yoga has lured the attention of many eyeballs and wins the hearts of many souls. The cost related to a YTT may vary as per the selection of your yoga teacher training course, accommodation, location, etc. Though almost all schools cover the basic money in their yoga training package, a practitioner must thoroughly check all about the course before investing money on a YTT course. Ideally, a yoga teacher training course certified by Yoga Alliance may price around:
    $1700 for 200 Hours
    $2200 for 300 Hours
    $3500 for 500 Hours

Everyone’s journey during a YTT is different. Teaching offered to your group will be the same, but the results may undoubtedly vary and change your outlook on life. We can say that yoga is a rewarding journey and a once-in-a-lifetime experience that no one will regret! So, reap all the benefits of yoga teacher training by taking the leap and starting one of the most stunning experiences of your life.

Still, Thinking? Widens your career horizon!

It’s time to broaden your career opportunities in the field of yoga. If you’re a yoga lover, considering a YTT program can be of great help.

Join the Yoga School Making You Feel At Home

If there is a particular yoga school that vibrates with you, better to join that. As a YTT course will be both physically and mentally challenging, it is really important to being in a relaxed and compassionate environment to set yourself up for a most pleasing yoga experience.


Q1) Which is the best yoga teacher training course for advanced yoga practitioners?

Ans: 500 hour yoga teacher training course is the best course for advanced yogis. The yoga practitioners should enroll in 500 Hour YTT to enhance their knowledge of yoga.

Q2) Why to join yoga teacher training?

Ans: There are plenty of reasons why you should join yoga teacher training, including your need to try something extraordinary, to learn new skills, to deepen your physical yoga practice, and much more.

Q3) Should I go for the 200-hour online yoga teacher training program?

Ans) Any yoga course that does not take place under the direct guidance of an experienced teacher is not worth your time and effort. No matter be it a beginner-level 200-hour or an advanced 500-hour course.

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